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What is Automatic Levelling and why is it amazing?

In the Sesame Street generation we were constantly exposed to a multitude of 30 second educational snippets and taught (or maybe programmed)  to absorb copious quantities of material in a short amount of time. Unfortunately the side effect of being nurtured […]

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Microwave Certifications

Norsat is committed to providing high quality microwave communication equipment that conforms to industry performance and environmental criteria.  As requirements for certification evolve, we are responding with a proactive program of ensuring that our products meet evolving standards.


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CEO Amiee Chan speaks at Local Elementary School

Our CEO, Dr. Amiee Chan is an accomplished engineer with over a dozen publications, 3 US patents, a PhD, and multiple award wins, mostly recently including the Women’s Executive Network Top 100 Award.  She has led Norsat through innovative product […]

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Norsat NewsFlash February 2013





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Norsat Microwave goes Airborne

With the recent changes in regulations for in-flight connectivity, you will soon be able to go on-line whenever you want.  Norsat Microwave is soaring to 30 000 ft. to help you do this.


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