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Representing Canada at CommunicAsia 2017

CommunicAsia is now in its 28th year bringing together a comprehensive display of cutting-edge technologies. Norsat International exhibited throughout the three day show in the renowned Marina Bay Sands in Singapore.

The evening before CommunicAsia commenced, Norsat was invited to a press event hosted by Canada’s High Commission focusing on Canada’s leadership in technology innovation and partnerships with Singapore and the surrounding South East Asian region. Canadian International Trade Minister Francois-Phillippe Champagne spoke on Canada’s progressive trade agenda and promoted advanced engagement with Asia Pacific. Also in attendance was Canada’s High Commissioner to Singapore, Lynn McDonald, and Canada’s Trade Commissioner to Singapore, Guy Belanger. Overall, the takeaway was that it is a great time for Canadian partners to be in ICT trade with Asia and that there are massive opportunities for communication products in the Asian marketplace. We were very happy to hear this and look forward to working more with Asian partners.

The CommunicAsia exhibition started on the morning of Tuesday May 23 and ran through to the evening of May 25. Three days of exhibiting on the show floor was exhilarating as there were over 30,000 international attendees and over 1100 exhibitors. Douglas Chun, Microwave Sales Manager, and Daniel Lopez, Product Manager, supported the booth during the show and met with many potential partners and new customers. It was a busy show with their schedules filling up with multiple customer meetings and events. Both Douglas and Daniel met with various customers from around the world and the consensus was that Norsat was very well known for their high quality LNBs. Customers raved about how Norsat’s LNBs provided stability, performance, longevity, and reliability. One customer even came by the booth and shared his stories of installing Norsat LNBs in the remote jungles of Cambodia and the dry deserts of Africa. It was a tribute to how well the LNBs are built and how well they can withstand extreme conditions in the most remote and challenging applications.

According to Daniel, there were many discussions around ATOM products, specifically the ATOM BUCs, where visitors commented on how it would work perfectly for SOTM (SATCOM on the move) applications. Showgoers were amazed by the low SWaP (size weight and power) qualities of the ATOM BUC line, especially the ATOM Ku-band 25W BUC which weighs an impressive 2.3 kg and has an outline dimension of 170mm x 86mm x 157 mm. Showgoers were also pleasantly surprised at Norsat’s customization abilities and how they were technically able to customize BUCs to meet certain size, weight and power specifications. Visitors working in the SOTM industry expressed their need for low-SWaP BUCs and were extremely interested in learning more about what Norsat had to offer in terms of BUCs and customization.

In addition, there were several partners on the show floor showcasing Norsat products. General Dynamics displayed Norsat’s 1208 series LNBs on their satellite terminals (see photo on the right), as well as Viking Satcom. who exhibited some of our microwave line. Thank you to our great partners who buy and sell Norsat products.

Overall, the show was neatly organized and kept our team busy. A lot of great conversations occurred and we’re excited to work with the potential new partners that we met at the show. We loved to hear customer success stories about our products, but we’re also keeping our eyes and ears open for what customers look for and need. With that in mind, we’re back on Canadian soil and are excited for the new opportunities that CommunicAsia provided us. Thank you CommunicAsia for having us back and we’ll see you again next year!

CASE STUDY: Custom Duplexer Designed for Law Enforcement Vehicle Fleet Application

Access to reliable communication equipment is essential for law enforcement agencies where a short response time is critical in what could be a life or death scenario. Sinclair Technologies understands that reliability is always a major consideration in the design process for public safety products. A key law enforcement agency presented a requirement for a high performance duplexer to operate in a challenging mobile environment within very compact space constraints. Read how Sinclair was able to meet these requirements and design a custom duplexer that fits all of the law enforcement’s needs.

Sinclair Actively Supports USA Distribution Partner, Talley

It’s clear that Sinclair Technologies have been keeping themselves busy attending trade show after trade show…after trade show. Last week, Sinclair participated at the Talley Atlanta Open House and this week they had a technical seminar at the Talley – Phoenix location! Talley is a fantastic partner of Sinclair’s and it was great to be able to participate in these awesome events.

The Talley Atlanta Open House was filled with different vendors from all over the communications industry. The tented outdoor event included 24 key industry exhibitors, three industry-leading presentations, food, drinks, music, and hourly raffle prizes. More than 100 people attended the show which was a great turnout for the first Open House at the Atlanta location. The agenda included a welcome speed from Mark Talley, the President of Talley and Jill Sweeney, VP of LMR sales. Cyndi, Sinclair’s Western Sales Manager, exhibited at the show showcasing the latest in antenna and RF filter technology. It was a well-organized and interactive networking event!

The Sinclair Technologies & Times Microwave Technical Seminar was held on May 24, 2017. The free technical seminar was hosted at the Talley Phoenix office in their training room and ran from 8:30AM to 3:00PM. Sinclair’s Technical Sales Engineer, Jim Reville, put on an informative presentation on antenna basics, antenna types, new products, system design methodology and custom engineered systems. This seminar was shared with Times Microwave Systems who focused on cable basics, connectors, and testing products. Together, these top industry manufacturers put on an effective presentation with valuable information to a select group of industry professionals. Jim and Cyndi received all positive reviews from the seminar and are excited to see the material put to use. Thank you for attending the technical seminar!

Overall, the month of May consisted of a lot of travelling and networking for Sinclair. Our USA team has been busy this month with UTC, Talley Atlanta Open House and a Talley technical seminar. We do truly value our distributors and partners and we like to show our support to them whenever we can. So thanks to Talley for putting on two great events – we can’t wait to do them again next year!

Sinclair Displays Top Products at Critical Communications World in Hong Kong

Posted on Friday, May 26

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Hong Kong is the epicenter of thriving new technology and innovation. It was a great location for Critical Communications World (CCW) and attracted attendees from all over the world. With the Asian market quickly developing, there is a plethora of opportunity ranging from analogue system upgrades and advancing TETRA networks. CCW, now in its 19th year, lined up amazing speakers from Thales, Sepura, and Motorola which all presented on vital topics for the critical communications market. With over 175+ exhibitors, Sinclair Technologies exhibited at CCW with their Hong Kong partner, Telegence (Asia). Other partners that attended the show were Motorola Solutions, BXT Technologies, Suneast, and Systemcom.

With pre-conference masterclasses and workshop in the afternoon, Day One of the exhibition started in the evening on Tuesday, May 16th. Visitors who stopped by Sinclair’s booth expressed interest in the broadband transportation antennas that were on display, including the ST221R (Excaliber) series, SM202 series, ST421R series, and the SM701 antenna. Customers pointed out the unique feature of the SM701 which allowed for excellent performance with or without a ground plane, making it a truly universal solution. Most visitors were already aware of the Sinclair brand and customers complimented Sinclair on its continued reputation for high quality products. Pictured on the left is Sinclair Technologies’ Asia Sales Director, Cedar Hu, with Norsat International’s CEO, Aimee Chan. With only a 4 hour exhibition, Day One was a teaser for what was to come the following day.


Bright and early, Day Two commenced at 8:30AM and ran until 6PM that evening. There was a busy two hour traffic peak just before lunch where almost all booths were busy receiving visitors. Cedar was also very busy educating customers on Sinclair’s capabilities to customize antennas and RF filter solutions. He emphasized that Sinclair had over 60 years of experience in the field and could customize solutions to fit unique needs. Sinclair’s Hong Kong partner, Terrence from Telegence (Asia), was also onsite at Sinclair’s booth. Customers were asking and looking for local support and were thrilled to hear that Sinclair partners with Telegence (Asia) which are located in Hong Kong. A big thank you to Terrence who helped Cedar at the Sinclair Technologies booth during the show days. It was great to have you there!

Day Three was the last day of CCW and the show began wrapping up with closing ceremonies and final keynote speeches. Many new and existing customers came by the booth which made it a great show overall. Thank you to the Hong Kong Police, ICAC, Motorola Solutions, MTR Corporation Limited, PCCW, Polícia Judiciária (Macau Police), Systemcom, Hytera, Sepura, and Suneast for stopping by Sinclair’s booth. We hope to connect with you soon!


CCW is a great show to attend as it always brings the best in technology. From new apps, encryption and wearables, TETRA and LTE solutions and control room technologies, there is a never-ending buzz at CCW. It was a fantastic show with three days of networking, masterclasses, interactive demo tours and round table sessions. CCW is the fourth trade show Sinclair has exhibited in this year and there are lots more to come. The booth is packed and ready to go to the next show. Click here to see where Sinclair will be exhibiting in next.

The 2018 CCW show will be held in Berlin, Germany. Until next time!

Norsat Named in BIV’s Top 100 Tech Companies in BC

Posted on Friday, May 19

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In the May 9-15, 2017 issue of Business In Vancouver (BIV), Norsat was listed in the 94th position. Tied with companies such as Novus Entertainment Inc. and RevenueWire, Norsat is happy to share the position in the top 100. To see how Norsat compared with other tech companies in BC, click here.

Sinclair Employees Ride for a Cause

Posted on Wednesday, May 17

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How much fun would it be to go on a bike ride with 29 of your closest friends and colleagues? Well the Sinclair Technologies staff can tell you – It’s a heart-pumping, cheer-thumping, crazy big, fun ride!

On Friday, May 12th, 29 Sinclair Technologies employees (a division of Norsat) participated in the Heart & Stroke Foundation’s Big Bike event in Aurora, Ontario.

What is Big Bike?

For 20 minutes, 29 riders power one Big Bike. On event day, you pedal through your community and celebrate your accomplishments. While you pedal, you literally stop traffic to support critical heart disease and stroke research. Participants included: Patty, Daniela, Aldo, Kayla, LOM, Corneliu, Stella, Noy, Ken, Ali, TJ, Liz, Franca, Petra, Thavone, Rag, Lilian, Rene, Ernie, Marselina, Boris, Crystal, Jennifer, Farid, Diego, Amy, Anthony, John, James

Fundraising is a key component of the event and the Sinclair staff collected $2,703 in donations. Along with Norsat’s corporate match the team raised $3,703! Congratulations to the Sinclair employees on a job well done. Money raised goes to critical life-saving heart disease and stroke research in hospitals and universities across Canada.

Amy Gesualdo, Sinclair’s event coordinator commented. “It was an incredible day of fun and great team bonding.  Events like this are wonderful, it really got everyone to come together and work towards a great cause.”

On the Road at UTC Telecom & Technology 2017

Posted on Tuesday, May 16

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Another trade show in the books! Sinclair Technologies exhibited at the UTC Telecom & Technology trade show last week in Charlotte, North Carolina. Both Sal (Director of Sales, USA) and Cyndi (Western Sales Manager, USA) attended the show and said that it was a good event with lots of great energy. The UTC trade show brings together thousands of information and communications technology (ICT) professionals and partners. Its focus is to bring education to the masses and to spread innovative ideas throughout the industry. It is a key show in the Utilities market and Sinclair’s trade show circuit. Not only is it an educational conference, it’s also one heck of a networking event! Many new and existing customers stopped by the booth including MiMOMax Wireless Ltd, Talley, Duke Energy, and Siemens. It was great to meet an array of customers and partners!

According to Sinclair’s Director of Sales USA, Sal Farina, there was lots of interest in SCADA networks. He said “…customers were asking for products such as MIMO antennas and Yagi antennas that could be used in conjunction with SCADA networks. SCADA networks help the utilities market forecast and meet future customer needs as it collects data such as usage rates and consumption from the user.” Sal also mentioned that there was considerable interest in Sinclair’s 700/800 MHz antennas, especially with the new roll out of the 700 MHz A Block. Other popular industry trends seen at UTC were drones, smart meters, and troubleshooting equipment for outage restoration and asset management.

Over 200 companies exhibited at UTC Telecom & Technology trade show and thousands attended. Attendees were from all over the utilities market ranging from electric, water, and gas utilities. Overall it was a great networking event and it provided great exposure for Sinclair Technologies. Thank you UTC for another great show. We hope to see you in Palm Springs in 2018!


CASE STUDY: Radiometrics Partners with Sinclair Technologies to Design Custom Antenna

NASA had an aging radar infrastructure that needed to be replaced and upgraded. Radiometrics took on this project, but soon realized that they needed to partner with an antenna manufacturer who could meet the specifications of their custom engineered design. Radiometrics contacted several suppliers but only a few could meet these requirements. Sinclair Technologies stood out as the frontrunner due to their ability to customize and manufacture antennas in large quantities. Read more on how Sinclair worked with Radiometrics to create custom antennas for NASA.

Antenna Installation and Clamps

Can you hear me? Can you hear me now? What about now?…

It is always stressful when an antenna does not work as expected. It is stressful for the customer, the user, and the manufacturer. However, in terms of antennas, the root cause of a reduced coverage area may not be the result of the antenna itself but rather how it was installed. Antennas are sensitive pieces of equipment and can be easily damaged if installed incorrectly. If the antenna is bending or twisting, the antenna is not installed correctly and vibration and material fatigue can occur. The antenna should be straight and mounted in a sturdy fashion; it should have minimal movement and should stay as still as possible.

The source of a reduced coverage area could be a result of several factors, but it is important to first look at how the antenna was installed and the clamps used. Is it a Sinclair clamp or is it another manufacturer’s clamp? Sinclair clamps are specified with every Sinclair antenna. When installers move away from the specified clamp, the antenna is not installed to its fullest potential and may not provide complete coverage. Sinclair clamps are designed with weight, diameter, height, potential ice build-up, and other considerations in mind while competitor clamps are often focused only on antenna diameter which may not be sufficient for certain applications. The installers themselves may have incorrectly installed the antenna which may cause failure, mechanical breakage (ie. cracked radomes), and a reduction in the main power area. The photo on the left shows a cracked radome from improper mounting.


In addition, assessing the climate conditions of where the antenna is installed is important as harsh weather conditions such as ice and wind can create irreversible damage to antennas. Heavy weather sites require special heavy duty antennas that are tailored to the specific site conditions. Ice and wind can create extreme mechanical and electrical damage.

During a particular project, the installer used different clamps than the Sinclair clamps specified for a SC412 Sinclair antenna at a public safety facility. The installation site experience a wind storm and the antenna was damaged (see image on right). The SC412 Sinclair antenna was tilted and the coverage area was reduced since the clamps were not strong enough to support the load and did not provide enough friction to hold the antenna. The photo demonstrates the importance of using proper clamps and mounting techniques.

Sinclair’s sales and technical support teams are available to answer your antenna installation questions. If you are unsure of what the best practices are, please feel free to call your Sinclair sales representative and they will be able to assist you in your antenna installation. In addition, Sinclair’s team has come up with a Sinclair Clamp and Side Mount Selection Guide which can help ease the process and ensure that the right clamp is selected for your application and antenna. To learn more, click here.

Norsat’s Journey Manpack featured in Digital Battlespace Article

Posted on Wednesday, May 10

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Norsat was recently covered in the “Communication Complications” article in the May/June 2017 issue of Digital Battlespace. The article focuses on SATCOM on the move (SOTM) and features the Journey Manpack as a portable, lightweight system that fits in a single backpack and provides HD video and IP transmission with over four hours of continuous run time. Click to read the article.

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