Block Upconverters are one of the core essentials for any satellite communication application. The fabrication and design of this complex microwave product impact its efficiency and performance in key communication industries like defense, space, SATCOM, commercial, and maritime. Norsat has always been a leader in innovation, by providing unique and customized communication solutions for remote and challenging applications. Norsat stays one step ahead through constant research and observation of the shift in both short-term technology power systems and ‘near future’ system-wide changes. Forecasting the market demands for 2019, there are three key aspects that any stakeholder in the BUC industry must watch out for.


By 2019, silicon-based block upconverters will have reached their limits, and GaN technology will be the clear and undisputed solution for most applications. We live in a data-driven world progressively defined by power-dependent industries including broadcast, media centers, renewable energy systems, industrial motors, defense systems, and consumer electronics. These industries have recently begun facing universal and formidable challenges around wasted energy in conversion of power, as well as the size restrictions on product design. This could be due to power system components housing ‘old generation’ ecosystems. Stay tuned to receive the latest edition GaN updates to our ATOM Series of block upconverters. Norsat engineers bring you the benefit of GaN attributes:

  • Reduced production price
  • Low conductance losses due to low resistance
  • Quicker devices yielding fewer switching losses
  • Significantly lower power needed to drive the circuit
  • Smaller devices that take up minute space on printed circuit boards

                                                           CUSTOMIZATION IS KING

Block Upconverters, more often that not, need to be customized and made-to-order as every application is unique with tailored requirements. Rather than choose a mass market product, many customers opt for custom BUCs with different specifications, sizes, weights, operational bands, and even colors! Customers continue to be extremely pleased with the Norsat ATOM BUCs and our customization capabilities to meet their highly stringent demands. The ATOM series of smaller, lighter, and more powerful Ku and Ka-Band BUCs has been customized for many tactical and ruggedized industrial applications like fly-aways, military communications, search and rescue, etc. Since the ATOM BUCs feature premium performance and reliability in the smallest form factor possible, they are used in remote and extreme environmental locations. Do not miss out on quick customization of your block upconverters, especially for applications like critical communications, airborne, surveillance, comms-on-the-move, intelligence gathering, defense, homeland security, or portable VSAT. Contact us today! 


Just providing a customer with a great product is not enough, even today. Norsat provides every customer with global support and 24/7 customer service availability, upon request. Through regular surveys and feedback, Norsat refines its ATOM BUCs by mutually exploring custom cost saving designs with customers, nurturing long-term business relationships, and identifying optimum run rates. For example, using this customer-focused approach, Norsat developed the innovative ATOMControl software. The ATOM Series products are easily configured with this software, which features an intuitive user interface. It provides the customer the ability to monitor and control ATOM Series BUCs and SSPAs independently, eliminating the need for technical assistance. Moreover, our quality assurance team is deeply involved at every level of design, development, and manufacturing. Excellent customer support, assembly demonstrations, quick turn around time, and speedy product delivery has led Norsat International to be consistently ranked among the top technology companies in Canada and the top 100 in British Columbia.