Take the 2015 Norsat Customer Survey for Your Chance to win a $250 Amazon Gift Card

Posted on Friday, May 22

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survey-newsNorsat International is committed to total customer satisfaction by delivering products and services that consistently exceed our customer’s expectations.  Here at Norsat, we take this promise very seriously!

We invite you to take our 2015 Customer Survey and give Norsat the opportunity to improve our products and services to better meet your needs. Listening to our customers is the only way to guarantee we create products that you actually want to buy. Customer feedback is commonly used throughout the product development process to ensure that the end product is something that solves a customer’s problem or fulfils a need.

The survey includes questions about products, technical support, and Norsat’s corporate identity.  It should take less than 5 minutes to complete, and your answers will remain saved if you need to come back to finish the survey later.

Complete the survey by June 19th and as a thank you, we will enter your name into a draw for a $250 Amazon gift card. You can complete the survey anonymously, but you’ll need to give us your email address to win the prize.

We thank you in advance for completing the survey!

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Norsat Hosts NATO for Official Acceptance Testing

Posted on Thursday, May 21

Norsat hosted two representatives from NATO Communications and Information Agency (NCIA) to review the DART+ (Dual-band Auto-acquire Rapid-deployable) satellite terminal upgrades that Norsat completed for NATO. Norsat worked exclusively with NATO to design and develop the innovative DART+ product which has been deployed in active combat areas since January 2012, and is now an integral part of NCIA’s field communications program.
The DART+ terminals are used to provide data, voice and telecommunications within the theater of operation, and enable field personnel to establish communications anywhere regardless of infrastructure availability or environmental conditions.NATO_testing_Dec2014

This site visit focused on ensuring that the previous DART terminals were upgraded to meet the new features and functionality of the new DART+ satellites and were completed to NATO’s satisfaction. These on-site Factory Acceptance Tests ensure that the system is functioning properly before the remainder of the DART terminals undergo the upgrades. Key test areas that NATO reviewed were the ability to track inclined orbit satellites and fiber optic connectivity. Testing also included itemizing components, verifying the quality of work, and temperature cycling. Our guests didn’t have to endure the Vancouver rain, but did have to stand outside in close to zero degree weather while Norsat’s experienced production technicians ran through the extensive testing.

NATO_testing_2_Dec2014“We are very pleased with the progress that Norsat has made on the upgrades to the new DART+ terminals. On top of the testing verification, our site visit provided us with an opportunity to improve communication channels and discuss long term lifecycle planning requirements,” stated John Parris, Deployable SATCOM Engineer, Network Services & IT Infrastructure.

We are happy to report that after three days of rigorous testing that Norsat has received official Acceptance from NATO.

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The Satellite Industry Responds to Nepal and Other Natural Disasters

Posted on Wednesday, May 13

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On April 25, 2015 a magnitude 7.8 earthquake rocked Nepal, causing massive damage and loss of life that has not yet been fully tallied. Homes, businesses, UNESCO World Heritage sites and terrestrial communications infrastructure – none were immune to the tremblor. In the days that have followed the quake several stories have emerged of satellite companies rushing to provide emergency telecommunications services to the stricken nation.

This leap to assist is not an isolated event. The Haiti earthquake of 2010. The Niger food crisis of 2005. Hurricane Katrina. Whenever calamity strikes the satellite industry seems to be there – amongst the first to offer the support that is crucial to providing immediate aid and restoring order. The individual players may change from crisis to crisis, but the story remains the same – vulnerable terrestrial communications systems either do not exist or have been rendered inoperable and satellite systems are brought in to fill the void.

Those of us in the satellite industry take this rapid deployment of telecommunications in our stride; it is what we do on a day-to-day basis after all. We should pause though from time to time to think about how remarkable it is that a completely functional communications system can be deployed with such speed. That such a thing is possible speaks to lifetimes of effort from a very great number of people. Together we have created something wonderful – the ability to help relieve suffering. We should all be proud of our industry for what it has contributed to the common good.

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Norsat ranks 90 on the Who’s Who in Canadian ICT List

Posted on Wednesday, April 29

2015-Branham300-B300-Logo-Badge-MEDIUMNorsat International is proud to rank #90 on the Branham300, up eight spots from our 2013 ranking.

The Branham300 list recognizes the top public and private Canadian companies working in Information & Communication Technology, as ranked by revenues.
Norsat has made measurable progress in advancing its leadership position within the industry with our innovative communications technology solutions and is excited for the opportunities to grow our business into 2015 and beyond.

The 2015 Edition of the Branham300 marks the 22nd year of the listing—and another year in which Canada’s Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector set a revenue record.

The ICT sector in Canada continues to impress. For the fifth consecutive year, the Top 250 recorded growth and set record revenues, and 2014 was no exception with an increase in revenues of 6.8% to $90.9 billion.

That is a remarkable total, especially considering that revenues at companies such as BlackBerry, the former king of Canada’s ICT sector, dropped 38% to $7.7 billion in fiscal 2014.

The Branham Group is a leading consultancy, exclusively focused on the technology sector. They deliver intelligence and knowledge as focused analysis, breakthrough advice and thought leadership.

For further information on the Branham 300, and a complete listing of the Canada’s ICT companies click here.

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Some Cool Technology Hits the Street at NAB 2015

Posted on Tuesday, April 21

There was some cool and exciting new technology launched at the National Association of Broadcasters 2015 show last week in Las Vegas and nothing could have been cooler than Norsat’s high performance 5000 Series PLL LNBs! (ok maybe those drones with video cameras might have been the coolest, but we were a close second I am sure!)

20150413_150705Norsat launched our new 5000 Series LNBs which are ideally suited for high-end broadcast applications including DBV (digital broadcast video), VSAT broadband, military satcom, point-of-sale, and oil and gas. The 5000 Series was well received by customers and prospects, especially from Latin America, as it fills a gap in the L.O. stability between Norsat’s 3000 and 8000 product lines and comes at a very attractive price point.  At the show we also were showcasing our ATOM Series of BUCs and SSPAs and our Ranger microsat terminal, which garnered a fair amount of attention as well.

Our team had fantastic meetings with our partners SatCom Resources, IK Tech, and ThinKom, and Norsat’s microwave products were on display or integrated into satellite terminals at several of our partners’ booths. Thanks to TVG-SEG, Viking Satellite, Superior Satellite Engineers, DH Antennas, for your continued support!

The majority of inquiries we received were for Ku-Band, but there were also a few questions about availability of products for S-band. As well, despite the “rumblings” in various parts of the world about reappropriating C-Band frequency for terrestrial applications, we are still seeing a huge demand and long-term deployment interest from customers in the broadcast arena.  

20150413_161759Overall traffic for the show was excellent and kept our sales team busy. Even though our feet are still tired and the Vegas exhaustion is just subsiding, we are already counting the days until the NAB 2016 show, April 16th 2016. See you on the show floor next year!


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