Norsat’s First Show in 2018: Mobile Deployable Communications

Posted on Thursday, February 8

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The first show of the year for Norsat was SMI’s Mobile Deployable Communications 2018 in Warsaw, Poland. This conference included key military and government representatives from the CEE region as well as leading CIS experts from Western Europe. Brian Donnelly, Norsat’s VP of Sales and Marketing, and Olivier Scorsipa, Norsat’s Business Development Manager, attended the popular and informative conference. They were very keen on the conference and thought it was a well-organized show with interesting topics such as tactical communication challenges and network solutions. With Military being a key market for Norsat, this conference was essential to attend.

It was also a good opportunity to showcase Norsat’s flagship product, the GLOBETrekker 2.0, and Norsat’s customizable ATOM BUC/SSPA series. Overall, the conference was a hit and it provided a lot of good insight on the market. There were lots of opportunities to engage with military personnel, and key companies in the communications industry. Thank you to all the sponsors and partners who put on this great conference!


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Norsat Sales Conference 2018 Recap

Posted on Wednesday, February 7

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Every January, Norsat holds its annual sales conference at the head office in Richmond, BC, Canada. During the sales conference, the sales and marketing team recaps on the past year and reviews plans for the upcoming year. Over the course of the three-day conference, we learned that 2018 will be a very busy and exciting year for Norsat, as there are lots of new projects underway. However, it is not only the sales team who gets involved with this conference, but also key individuals from Engineering, Product Marketing, and Operations. The sales conference focuses on all areas that effect sales, and ultimately, the customer. This year’s jam-packed conference even included a few hours of product training and as always, our team building challenge where this year teams had to build the highest tower with Poker cards. The purpose of this sales conference is to ensure that everyone is working toward the same goals, internally, and to improve overall customer experience as a result.

As the sales team consists of representatives from all over the globe, this sales conference provides a space where everyone can meet each other face-to-face. With a growing team, it is always great to put a face to the voice! The sales conference ended on a high note with a renewed motivation for future growth! We’re excited to see what’s to come for Norsat in 2018.


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Sinclair Technical Experts Selected as IWCE Panel Speakers

IWCE is one of the most influential wireless communication shows in the world with over 7000 attendees from 62 countries. This year’s IWCE conference will be held from March 5-8, 2018. It is an event where companies showcase its best products and latest innovations. We are happy to announce that two of our technical experts, Mr. Micheal Macki and Mr. Jim Reville, have been selected as IWCE panel speakers in the conference program.

What does the future look like for RF antennas and system components? It looks smart. It’s well-connected. It uses the internet and can be controlled remotely. It can provide data on how it can maximize a radio network’s efficiency and utility. Learn how IoT-capable antennas are revolutionizing the radio networks industry. Join Micheal Macki in an interactive presentation and discussion on IoT-capable antennas. Session details below.

Session Name: IoT, M2M and Sensors Primer (M116)

Date: Monday March 5, 2018 from 8:30AM to 11:30AM

Room: N220G

Click here for more information about this session.

Planning a new or upgraded radio system? You won’t want to miss Jim Reville’s presentation on Tuesday March 6, 2018 at 8:30AM in room N220C. He will be providing an educational overview of the RF system design process, detailing the required system components and products. Case studies will be used as examples to illustrate potential problems that can happen in the field. Learn how to make more educated decisions when choosing RF filtering system products. Session details below.

Session Name: Planning a New or Upgraded Radio System (T217)

Date: Tuesday March 6, 2018 from 8:30AM to 11:30AM

Room: N220C

Click here for more information about this session.


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CASE STUDY: Building a Custom Satellite Terminal Solution for Kratos Communications SAS

Norsat started out 2018 with a great new case study published in the January 2018 issue of SatMagazine! This case study is based on the custom GLOBETrekker terminal that Norsat built for Kratos’ European subsidiary, Kratos Communications SAS and outlines how Norsat was able to provide a custom multi-band solution for Kratos Communications SAS’ geolocation system,satID®, a component which would then be part of a larger system called the Advanced Space Radio Monitoring System (ASRMS).  Kratos is a well-known global provider of products, systems, and services for satellite command and control, telemetry and digital signal processing, data communications, enterprise network management, and communications information assurance. Click here to read how Norsat successfully built a custom multi-band satellite terminal for Kratos Communications SAS.

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ARTICLE: Improving Your Signal and Mitigating Downlink ASI Effects in Ground Satellite Terminals

Norsat’s article, “Improving Your Signal and Mitigating Downlink Adjacent Satellite Interference Effects in Ground Satellite Terminals” was published in the recent issue of Global Military Communications magazine. This article outlines the challenges of downlink ASI in ground terminals as well as provides tactics on how the effects can be mitigated. With satellite interference being a prominent issue in today’s industry, this article offers solutions for a clearer signal. Click here to read how you can prevent downlink ASI in your ground satellite terminal.

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Sinclairity eNewsletter – Dec 2017

As the year comes to an end, we’d like to say THANK YOU to all our customers for their continued business and support — we couldn’t have done it without you! We wish you a great holiday season and all the best in 2018.
The Sinclair Team


Substantial changes are effecting the public safety sector and Sinclair Technologies is growing its product lines to adapt to these changes. As an innovator in the industry, Sinclair Technologies has always developed products for the future and come 2018, Sinclair is looking to go above and beyond. We have a surprise in store so stay tuned to see what Sinclair is up to in 2018!



IWCE PRESENTATIONS: Sinclair to Speak as Panelists at Two Sessions

Session: IoT, M2M and Sensors Primer (M116)
Sinclair Panelist: Michael Macki (IoT capable antennas)
Date & Time: Mon March 5; 8:30 am – 11:30 am
Location: N220G
Session: Planning a New or Upgraded Radio System (T217)
Sinclair Panelist: Jim Reville (Best practices for implementing new RF systems)
Date & Time: Tues March 6; 8:30 am – 11:30 am
Location: N220C


WHITE PAPER: A Guide to Basic Types of Cavity Combiners

In order to understand how cavity combiners operate, it is important to have an approximate idea of how cavities and transmission lines work. This white paper describes different types of cavities and provides a basic summary of how cavity combiners create paths for multiple signals to reach a single antenna with minimum interferences between them.


WHITE PAPER: Introduction to Filtering for Radio Signals

This practical and helpful white paper addresses the basic techniques on how to properly filter as it applies to the transmission and reception of radio signals. It provides an overview of fundamentals which are great for radio technicians looking to refresh their knowledge. As well, it offers descriptions of different types of filters, what they do, and why they are used.




Sinclair Co-Exhibits With Partner, Kyodo, at PMR Expo

Sinclair Technologies works closely with its partners and distributors all over the world. Sinclair and Kyodo co-exhibited at the 2017 PMR Expo which ran from Nov 28 – 30 in Cologne, Germany.



Canadian Public Safety Leaders Gather at APCO Canada 2017

The latest industry trends, challenges, and questions within the Canadian public safety communications market were discussed at the recent APCO Canada Conference and Tradeshow held at Caesars in Windsor, Ontario, November 6-9. Leading experts, professional speakers, and colleagues representing public-safety communications agencies across Canada were in attendance to take in the country’s premier industry event.


Sinclair Sales Conference 2017: Reviewing the Year and Planning for the Future

Sinclair Technologies is revving up for an eventful and busy 2018. But first, the team had to review what went well and areas of improvement at this year’s internal sales conference. A variety of topics were discussed at the sales conference and as a team, a plan was built for a bigger and brighter 2018.


Sinclair Supports Quebec Partner, Production Electronique, at Radio Communications Show

The Association of Entrepreneurs in Radio Communication of Québec (AERCQ) gathered together on October 18, 2017 to put on the first Radio Communication Show in Boucherville, Quebec. Sinclair exhibited along side its Quebec partner, Production Electronique. It was a great opportunity to showcase Sinclair products to the Quebec market and provide local support to the dealers at the show.


Dress for the Cause Event Raises More than $3300

In celebration of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Norsat and Sinclair joined organizations across the nation for the Dress for the Cause fundraiser. Dress for the Cause and the Breast Cancer Society of Canada raise money for the research into the detection, prevention, treatment and cure of breast cancer.  To date, the Dress for a cause event in Canada has successfully raised over $7 million for Canadian breast cancer research.


Customer Survey Winner!

Thank you to everyone who filled out Sinclair’s Annual Customer Satisfaction Survey. Congratulations to James Duram from Oceana County EMDs, who was the winner of the $250 Amazon gift card.

At Sinclair we take customer feedback seriously and will use this feedback to improve our existing products and practices, as well as guide new product development to better meet your needs.



IWCE 2018
Event Date: Mar. 5-9, 2018
Event Location: Orlando, FL
Booth Number: 1935

UTC 2018
Event Date: May 7-11, 2018
Event Location: Palm Springs, CA
Booth Number: TBA

Stay up-to-date with the latest news, follow Sinclair Technologies on Twitter! @Sinctech

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Norsat Newsflash – Dec 2017

Posted on Wednesday, December 20

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It has been an exciting year for Norsat as we celebrate our 40th year in business. As 2017 comes to a close, we would like to thank you for your business and support — we couldn’t have done it without you! We wish you a great holiday season and all the best in 2018! 

The Norsat Team


Norsat Sponsors “Customization in the Satellite Ground Market” Market Brief

Satellite Markets and Research offers occasional reports called Market Briefs which provide intelligence on key market segments and regions. Norsat sponsored the October 2017 issue on “Customization in the Satellite Ground Market”. The Market Brief offers insights and statistics on the current global satellite ground equipment market, as well as views on the future of this market. Read more on where the satellite ground market is predicted to go and the role of product customizations.

ARTICLE: Overcoming C-band Satellite Interference

Norsat’s article, “Overcoming C-band Satellite Interference”, was featured in the October 2017 issue of Microwave Product Digest. Written by Norsat’s Microwave Sales Manager, Douglas Chun, this article discusses the issues in the rising popularity of C-band and its connection with satellite interference. The author provides common and alternative techniques and technologies to combat interference issues in the C-band.


ARTICLE: Year in Review, Norsat International

In the December 2017 issue of SatMagazine, Norsat’s VP of Sales and Marketing, Brian Donnelly, looks back and reflects on a busy 2017. Norsat experienced a terrific year in 2017, especially as the company celebrates 40 years in the satellite communications industry – the company continues to be a leading global provider of portable satellite terminals and satellite components. Read how 2017 progressed for Norsat and what is to come in 2018.


VIDEO: How to Choose a LNB

Don’t make this very common mistake! Comparing datasheets may seem straightforward, but sometimes you are not comparing the same thing. This video offers tips about avoiding common misconceptions when choosing a low noise block downconverters (LNBs) for your application. The video also provides basic information about what an LNB is, and what it does. It is a great refresher for those who are already knowledgeable about LNBs. Watch this video and don’t make this silly mistake which will cost you time and money.


Norsat Included in Global SATCOM Survey Report

The Global SATCOM Power Amplifier Market Professional Survey Report was published in October 2017 and features leading amplifier manufacturers such as Norsat, Kratos, and L-3 Narda-MITEQ. The report offers a summary of the market from 2012 to 2016, and forecasts into 2022. It covers regions such as North America, China, Europe, Southeast Asia, Japan, and India.


Dress for the Cause Event Raises More than $3300

In celebration of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Norsat joined organizations across the nation for the Dress for the Cause fundraiser. Dress for the Cause and the Breast Cancer Society of Canada raises money for research into the detection, prevention, treatment, and cure of breast cancer. To date, the Dress for a Cause event in Canada has successfully raised over $7 million for Canadian breast cancer research. Read about Norsat’s in-office Dress for the Cause event.



MarineLink COM Series

Norsat’s COM series of Maritime Satellite Solutions provides a reliable VSAT solution in Ka, Ku, and C-bandwidths. These high performance antennas are ideal for military and commercial applications in a variety of industries including Naval, Fisheries, Oil & Gas, Mining and more.

  • Highest reception gain available in the market
  • 2048 kb/s downlink and 512 kb/s uplink
  • Reliable connection using its 3-axis operating platform and 360° high-speed tracking design
  • Includes universal LNBs for global coverage



MILCOM 2017: Military Communications, a Key Market for Norsat

Military communications has always been a key market for Norsat. Whether it is supplying reliable ground satellite terminals or providing customized SWaP satellite component designs, Norsat and military communications seem to work hand-in-hand. From October 23-25, 2017, Norsat exhibited at the MILCOM 2017 show in Baltimore, Maryland.


A Good Impression at China Satellite 2017

On October 25-27, Norsat presented and exhibited at China Satellite 2017 in Beijing, China. In its 19th year, China Satellite offers a full three-day conference, technical workshops, keynote speeches, and round-table discussions. Norsat was invited to make a presentation during this event, where Douglas Chun, Norsat Microwave Sales Manager for Asia, presented on the topic of Communications-on-the-Move.


Satellite Innovation Symposium: Discussions about the Future of the Industry

The 2017 Satellite Innovation Symposium was buzzing with great minds and thought-provoking ideas. Hosted at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California, the event brought together innovators and market experts in the satellite industry. The sessions were enlightening and ranged from “Ground-Based Ecosystems of the Future” to “Satellite Constellations – the New Roles of LEO & MEO”. The symposium included keynote speakers, Mark Dankberg, Chairman & CEO of ViaSat, and Greg Wyler, Founder and Executive Chairman of OneWeb.





Mobile Deployable Communciations 2017

  • Warsaw, Poland
  • Feb 1-2, 2018
  • Visit us at booth #D-156-S



Satellite 2018

  • Washington, DC
  • Mar 12-15, 2018
  • Visit us at booth #1332



NAB 2018

  • Las Vegas, NV
  • Apr 7-12, 2018
  • Visit us at booth #SU3114

Stay up-to-date with the latest news, follow Norsat on Twitter! @Norsat

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Sinclair Customer Survey Draw Winner Announced!

We would like to thank everyone who completed this year’s Sinclair Customer Survey. We value your feedback and appreciate the time you took to finish the survey. With that said, we would like to announce the winner of the Sinclair Customer Survey Draw…Congratulations to James Duram from Oceana County EMD for winning the $250 Amazon gift card! The winner was drawn at random and the winner has been notified. Thank you again to everyone who entered the draw. At Sinclair, we strive for excellence and are always looking to continually improve our customer experience.

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ARTICLE: A Year in Review, Norsat International

Posted on Thursday, December 7

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Every year, SatMagazine releases a December issue which includes a compilation of YEAR IN REVIEW articles from select companies in the satellite industry. This year, SatMagazine invited Norsat to participate in its 2017 YEAR IN REVIEW feature which is a collection of contributed articles that reflect on the challenges and successes over the past year. It also gives a chance for the companies to look forward to 2018 as to what goals are planned for the new year. With 2017 being an eventful year for Norsat, we were thrilled to be able to contribute an article and share our achievements for the year.

This year’s article was written by Brian Donnelly, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Mr. Donnelly reflects on 2017 being a monumental year with Norsat celebrating its 40th anniversary and launching industry-first products. The projections for 2018 are lively and the focus is on growing the company’s R&D, engineering, and production teams. Interested to see what else Norsat has in store for 2018? Click here to read the full article about Norsat’s achievements in 2017 and a preview of what’s to come in 2018.



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Sinclair Co-Exhibits With Partner, Kyodo, at PMR Expo

Posted on Monday, December 4

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Sinclair Technologies works closely with its partners and distributors all over the world. Sinclair and Kyodo co-exhibited at the 2017 PMR Expo which ran from Nov 28 – 30 in Cologne, Germany. The PMR Expo is the leading European trade fair for Professional Mobile Radio and Control Rooms. The international trade show was complemented by an extensive conference and special presentations. This event was the first time Sinclair has attended PMR Expo and it was a great experience!

With over 225 exhibitors and 4300 visitors, the PMR Expo was an exciting place to be. At the booth, Sinclair featured its best-selling items including its excalibur, yagi, and whip antennas. Also on display were Sinclair’s multicouplers and filter products. Kyodo showcased its Llumblau system for emergency services at the show. The show had a consistent stream of visitors representing European, Middle Eastern, and Australiasian markets. There was also a two-day PMR Expo Career Program for students and young professionals looking to get into the PMR sector.

Overall, the trade show had a great turnout and Sinclair was happy to support its partner, Kyodo. Sinclair is an international brand, selling product from all over the world. Thank you to those who stopped by the Sinclair-Kyodo booth and a special thank you to Kyodo for inviting Sinclair to co-exhibit!

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  • IWCE 2018

    Mar 07 - 08, 2018

    Orlando, FL

    Visit us at booth #1935

  • Satellite 2018

    Mar 12 - 15, 2018

    Washington, DC

    Visit us at booth #1332

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