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Norsat Newsflash June 2016

Posted on Thursday, June 23

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Norsat Highlights

Yankees_Norsat_LNBTake Me Out to the Ball Game!
Norsat Helps Bring Yankees Games to Your Television. Read our blog here!

Norsat a Top Canadian ICT Company
Norsat ranked 95 on the Branham 300 list of Canada’s Top ICT Companies. Check out the list of top IT companies.

Norsat Ranks 89 on BC Top Tech List
Norsat International ranked 89 on the Business in Vancouver Top 100 BC Technology Companies list. Ranked by the total number of employees, Norsat’s BC employee base rose almost 20% year-over-year and the trend is continuing. For a full list of the top 100 Tech firms click here.

Norsat President Wins Award
Norsat President and CEO, Dr. Amiee Chan, won a University of British Columbia Applied Science Awards. Read more about this prestige honor here.

Product Spotlight

Median 40W BUC Joins Little Siblings
Norsat’s new MEDIAN 40W Ku-band BUC, along with the 16W and 25W versions announced earlier in 2016, are available in standard and extended Ku-band frequencies, and were designed with both performance and economy in mind. The 40W MEDIAN takes advantage of gallium nitride (GaN) technology to deliver high power density with high linearity. Learn more here!

Median&LNBsNewest LNBs Added to Product Line
Norsat’s newest LNBs launched include the 1000HU-2 and 1000XU-2 Ku quad-band internal and external reference PLL LNBs, the 1000D/F/G-2 Ku-band PLL LNBs, the 1000X-2 Ku-band external reference LNBs and the 9000-4 series of Ka-band PLL and external reference LNBs.

The 1000HU-2 and 1000XU-2 Ku quad-band internal and external reference PLL (Phase Lock Loop) LNBs provide exceptional performance and allow users to use a single LNB to receive multiple frequencies, important for portable applications and maritime users.

The 1000D/F/G-2 Ku-band PLL LNBs and the 1000X-2 Ku-band external reference LNBs are available in frequencies ranging from 10.7 to 12.7 GHz and provide exceptional signal performance and reliability in the smallest form factor on the market.

The 9000-4 series of Ka-band PLL and external reference LNBs offer improved LO stability allowing users to reliably receive a narrower band transmission. Norsat’s 9000-4 series is available in frequencies ranging from 17.2 to 22.2 GHz.

As with other Norsat LNBs, the new additions can be customized to meet specific connector, frequency and performance requirements. Each of the new LNB series deliver premium performance at a new lower price point than products currently on the market.

For a full listing of Norsat’s latest LNBs go to the microwave section of our website.



Norsat recently participated in the CommunicAsia show May 31 – June 2 at the Mandarin Bay Sands in Singapore. Norsat showcased our newest ultra-portable, back packable satellite terminal, the Journey Manpack, our small size, weight and power ATOM BUC line, several of our O3b BUCs from this product portfolio, as well as some of our RF antenna and conditioning products. Learn more about our participation!


The 2016 National Association of Broadcast (NAB) show held April 18-21 in Las Vegas, NV did not disappoint. The Satellite Industry Forum held a one day conference as part of this show. Focus and discussion was around the role that satellite plays in broadcasting and the delivery of content from virtually anywhere on the planet.

During the show, Norsat highlighted its comprehensive and growing line of BUCs and LNBs for the satellite newsgathering market. With the recent launch of our ATOM 25W KA BUC which started shipping in May, and the 250W KU ATOM BUC, Norsat saw huge interest in these products, as well as our 100W ATOM BUC. Ka-band continues to gain momentum with increased interest in our specialty products including the ATOM 25W and 50W, due to best SWaP (Size, Weight, Power) in the industry. SNG customers were very pleased with the SwaP of the new 250W ATOM BUC (equivalent to a 400W TWTA). Read our blog post here.

Norsat in the News

Satnews/Milsat Magazine
April 1, 2016 – Norsat International Prepared To Show All During NAB2016
April 29, 2016 – Product Additions to Norsat International’s Microwave Portfolio

May 3, 2016 – Norsat Expands Median BUC Family, Adds LNBs to Microwave Product Portfolio

talk Satellite
May 31, 2016 – Norsat Offers Largest Portfolio of O3b Products with Newest 20 and 40 Watt Transmitters.

Globe & Mail
May 31, 2016 – Norsat Offers Largest Portfolio of O3b Products

Boston Globe
April 28, 2016 – Norsat Adds New Ku-band Block Upconverter and Ka and Ku-band LNBs to Microwave Product Portfolio

Satellite Evolution
April 28, 2016 – Norsat Adds New Ku-band Block Upconverter and Ka and Ku-band LNBs to Microwave Product Portfolio

National Post
May 31, 2016 – Norsat Offers Largest Portfolio of O3b Products

May 31, 2016 – Norsat Offers Largest Portfolio of O3b Products with Newest 20 and 40 Watt Transmitters

Canadian Business Journal
May 31, 2016 – Norsat Offers Largest Portfolio of O3b Products with Newest 20 and 40 Watt Transmitters

Atlanta Business Chronicle
May 31, 2016 – Norsat Offers Largest Portfolio of O3b Products with Newest 20 and 40 Watt Transmitters

Austin Business Journal
May 31, 2016 – Norsat Offers Largest Portfolio of O3b Products

Stock House
May 31, 2016 – Norsat Offers Largest Portfolio of O3b Products

Boston Globe
April 28, 2016 – Norsat Adds New Ku-band Block Upconverter and Ka and Ku-band LNBs to Microwave Product Portfolio

Seeking Alpha
April 28, 2016 – Norsat Adds New Ku-band Block Upconverter and Ka and Ku-band LNBs to Microwave Product Portfolio

Albany Business Review
April 28, 2016 – Norsat Adds New Ku-band Block Upconverter and Ka and Ku-band LNBs to Microwave Product Portfolio

Business in Vancouver
May 10, 2016 – Norsat ranked 89 on the BIV’s Top 100 BC Tech Firms List

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Norsat Newsflash October 2015

Posted on Wednesday, October 21

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Norsat Highlights

Norsat was awarded a $2.7 million contract from a major U.S. military contractor for its Ku-Band and Wideband Global SATCOM (WGS)-certified X-Band marine VSAT terminals. Under the agreement, Norsat will supply its MarineLink COM12 1.2m and MarineLink COM15X 1.5m dual antenna maritime VSAT terminals to support sea-borne communications. Norsat’s newest generation of MarineLink COM terminals provide the most reliable high throughput satellite communications available in the market today for maritime vessels, including naval ships. Additionally, Norsat’s proprietary Low Noise Block downconverters (LNB) and class-leading efficient ATOM Block Upconverters (BUC) will be integrated into the MarineLink terminals. Read more here!

Norsat’s Land Mobile Radio division Sinclair Technologies, launched a new, customized version of the SM2600D, low profile, multi-band, multi-port antenna platform that is ideally suited for the transportation market. The SM2600D combines multiple antennas under one radome and includes a number of ports to support a variety of applications like PTC, LTE, GPS, and WiFi/WiMax, greatly simplifying antenna installation compared to traditional practice of mounting many single purpose antennas. This durable weather resistant and fire tested radome also provides excellent protection from any harsh environmental elements. For more information click here.


Norsat is proud to have ranked on Business in Vancouver’s Top 100 Fastest growing companies in B.C.The fastest-growing companies list is ranked by percentage growth in revenue between 2010 and 2014. Ranking 52 on the list, Norsat’s revenue growth over the five years has been in excess of 95.8%.
Norsat continues to stay at the forefront of innovation by delivering some of the most high performance and efficient products on the market. Norsat continually works with our customers to develop and quickly deliver customized innovative communication solutions that meet the needs within the marketplace.

Norsat received an approximate $700,000 follow-on order to the original $3.5 million award announced on February 19, 2015 from a Tier 1 Eurasian defense contractor for a range of Norsat’s portable satellite terminals. This follow-on order increases the total contract awarded to approximately $4.2 million. The increase in order is for additional units of Norsat’s MarineLink maritime VSAT terminals and for the 0.9m Journey Manpack portable satellite terminal, the newest in Norsat’s broad portfolio of satellite solutions. To learn more read our news release.

Product Spotlights:

1:1 Redundancy Kits and Low Frequency ATOM BUCs

Norsat is continuing to expand the products available in the ATOM series of products. The most recent additions include low Ku-band Block Upconverters (BUCs) spanning 12.75 to 13.25 GHz and an outdoor 1:1 redundant system designed specifically for ATOM BUCs and Solid State Power Amplifiers (SSPAs).

The low Ku-band BUCs are based on Norsat’s successful 25W, 40W and 100W ATOM BUC design. The synthesizer board for the low Ku-band variants provides coverage in the 12.75 to 13.25 GHz frequency range.

The 1:1 redundant system is a fully automatic headless outdoor unit and is ideal for oil and gas VSAT networks, cable head ends, remote VSATs, disaster emergency systems and military applications. DC current is used to detect BUC/SSPA failure and switch to the alternate BUC/SSPA. Features include support for manual switching and Web-based M&C. The status of the offline BUC/SSPA is available and the offline unit can be replaced while the system is online.

For more information on the 1:1 Redundancy Kits click here. To learn more about the low frequency ATOM products click here.

New C-Band General Purpose Band Pass Filter
Check out the BPF-C-U, Norsat’s new C-Band General Purpose Band Pass Filter which is perfectly suited to use with Norsat’s C-Band LNBs. This new filter is easily installed between the feed and LNB to reject terrestrial interference in C-Band (WiMSX, Radar and C-Band transmitter).

Customer Survey
Congratulation to Roula Karkache Ishac from BCom SA who was the winner of the draw for a $250 Amazon gift card for completing the 2015 Norsat Customer Survey!




Modern Day Marine
September 22-24 in Quantico, VA

ModernDayMarine_photo2_from MDMFacebookNorsat has just come back from a successful showing at the Modern Day Marine expo at the Marine Corps Base, in Quantico, VA. Norsat showcased our the GlobeTrekker 2.0 intelligent fly-away satellite terminal, our Ranger Ku/X Band 60cm self-contained, microsat terminal, CFK-100E SIPR/NIPR Compact Flyaway Kit CFK-4200 Emergency Communications Kit for mobile, first-in communications and the ATOM series of BUCs and SSPAs.
Modern Day Marine is co-sponsored by Marine Corps Base, Quantico, the Exposition’s home base. MCB Quantico, home to the Combat Development Command and the Marine Corps Systems Command, is responsible for setting requirements, developing equipment and systems and purchasing the equipment and systems that the Marine Corps will rely on in the years to come. These vital and unique functions play a large part in positioning Modern Day Marine as the premier military equipment, systems, services and technology exposition.

October 26 – 28, Tampa, FL

Drop by the Norsat Booth #733 at Milcom2015 at the Tampa Convention Center, in Tampa, FL.

Norsat will be highlighting several of our fly-away satellite terminals including the GlobeTrekker and the Ranger Ku/X Band 60cm self-contained microsat terminal, along with our Satcom Baseband Kits – CFK-100E SIPR/NIPR Compact Flyaway Kit and the CFK-4200 Emergency Communications Kit for mobile, first-in communications. Plus we will also be showcasing our ultra-efficient, lightweight ATOM series of BUCs and SSPAs.

MILCOM 2015 is the premier international conference for military communications and gathers the leading minds of government, military, industry and academia in an interactive forum to further explore and define the benefits that joint-level collaboration bring to current and future communication challenges. Drop by and see us, as well as leaders from around the world who will address the critical role communications plays in military readiness and operations. For more information on Milcom click here.

Norsat in the News

Canadian Business
The October 2015 issue of Canadian Business Magazine features the Profit 500 Fastest Growing Companies in Canada and Norsat ranked 467 growing over 71% for the five-year peirod! All applicants are ranked by the five-year percentage revenue growth from 2009 through 2014. Companies were shortlisted based on revenue figures provided and then verified through online questionnaires, phone interviews and review of financial statements.
See the full listing of the Profit 500 Fastest Growing Companies click here.

BC Business Magazine
Many companies go through highs and lows. When the company is heading toward distress, new strategies need to be employed to salvage the business and propel the company back to success. Read a recent article published in BC Business magazine where Dr. Amiee Chan discusses the turnaround of Norsat and how revenues have doubled from 2006 to today.
Sept 9, 2015 – US Federal Business Opportunity: Department of the Navy: 58 — Intent to Award Sole Source for Initial Spare Parts and Components of Broadband Satellite Program
August 27, 2015 – US Federal Business Opportunity: Department of the Air Force: Downrange Equipment

Satellite Today
August 13, 2015 – Norsat’s Sinclair Technologies Division Starts Shipments of New Wideband Antenna

Satellite Evolution Group
August 13, 2015 – Sinclair Technologies has begun shipments of the newly designed SE41x series

– Look for our article titled “Is GaAs Dead?” in the October issue of SatMagaine!
August 12, 2015 – Norsat International’s Sinclair Technologies Ships Newly Designed Series Of Wideband Enclosed Dipole Antennas
July 28, 2015 Norsat International’s Portable Satellite Terminal Receives An Add-On Order
July 22, 2015 Norsat Announces Appointment To BOD … Experienced In Several Industries + Mergers + Acquisitions

Talk Satellite Newsletter
August 13, 2015 – Norsat Launches New Machine-To-Machine (M2M) Satellite Product Line
October 15, 2015 – Norsat Awarded $2.7 Milion Order from Major U.S. Military Contractor

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Norsat Newsflash Q2 2015

Posted on Friday, June 19

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web&emailgraphic_150px150pxOnly One Day Left – Take the Norsat Customer Survey

Take the 2015 Norsat Customer Survey for Your Chance to win a $250 Amazon Gift Card!

Norsat International is committed to total customer satisfaction by delivering products and services that consistently exceed our customer’s expectations. Here at Norsat, we take this promise very seriously!

We invite you to take our 2015 Customer Survey and give Norsat the opportunity to improve our products and services to better meet your needs. Listening to our customers is the only way to guarantee we create products that you actually want to buy. Customer feedback is commonly used throughout the product development process to ensure that the end product is something that solves a customer’s problem or fulfils a need.

The survey includes questions about products, technical support, and Norsat’s corporate identity. It should take less than 5 minutes to complete, and your answers will remain saved if you need to come back to finish the survey later.

Complete the survey by June 19th and as a thank you, we will enter your name into a draw for a $250 Amazon gift card. You can complete the survey anonymously, but you’ll need to give us your email address to win the prize.

Take the Survey Graphic

Norsat Highlights

In April, Norsat was awarded an approximately $1M contract from the Defense Media Activity for the purchase of Norsat’s GLOBETrekker 2.0 portable satellite terminals, along with Norsat’s 50W ATOM series Block Upconverters (BUCs). The DMA is the U.S. Department of Defense’s direct line of communication for news and information to its forces worldwide. These terminals will enable satellite uplink of live high definition or standard definition video from the field, as well as data transfer and gt_2.0email access.

Distributor FocusUnmanned System Source logo

Norsat recently signed an agreement with Unmanned Systems Source, an online, e-commerce warehouse with the fastest growing selection of unmanned systems and remote sensing products, to help bring Norsat’s ATOM Series of satellite communications solutions to customers around the globe. Read our blog for more information.

Awards & Recognition

Norsat International is proud to rank #90 on the Branham300, up eight spots from our 2013 ranking. The Branham300 list recognizes the top public and private Canadian companies working in Information & Communication Technology, as ranked by revenues. The 2015 Edition of the Branham300 marks the 22nd year of the listing—and another year in which Canada’s Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector set a revenue record. For further information on the Branham 300, and a complete listing of the Canada’s ICT companies click here.

Norsat Dr. Amiee Chan, Norsat’s President and CEO ranked #49 on the Annual Profit W100 Ranking of Canada’s Top Female Entrepreneurs. The publication ranks Canada’s Top Female Entrepreneurs on a composite score based on size, growth rate and profitability of their businesses, the W100 profiles the country’s most successful female business owners and leaders. For a full listing of the Profit/Chatelaine W100 list click here.

Product Spotlight

The 5000 Series PLL (Phase-locked loop) LNBs (Low Boise Block Downconverter) are ideally suited for high-end broadcast applications including DBV (digital broadcast video), VSAT broadband, military satcom, point-of-sale, and oil and gas. Available in standard and extended frequencies, the 5000 Series has LO (Local Oscillator) stabilities of +/- 50 kHz, +/-75 kHz, +/-100 kHz, and +/-250 kHz to meet our customers varying applications and environments.Product_image

This new family delivers high performance and reliability at an industry leading price point and rounds out Norsat’s comprehensive portfolio of C-Band LNBs which includes the 3000 PLL, the 3000 External Reference, and the 8000 Digital DRO. This full family of products allows Norsat to provide stabilities ranging from +/- 2 kHz through to +/-500 kHz, with the added capability of customizing frequencies for unique applications.

For more information on the 5000 Series click here.



Spring is trade show season and it was an eventful time for the Norsat Sales and Marketing teams with seven shows between March 10 and the beginning of June.

Just back from the ever popular CommunicAsia show in Singapore, the show was a smashing success, and gave Norsat’s Asia Sales team the opportunity to meet some new faces and catch up with customers and partners. This trade show also gave Norsat the chance to show off our newest products and provided us with some great insight into what’s around the corner for our industry in the APAC region. Next up on the trade show stop is APCO, August 16-19 in Washington DC for our Sinclair Division.

Norsat in the News

SatMagazine June 2015 Issue – Read a contributed article titled “A Primer On the Language Of…LNB + BUC” in the June issue of SatMagzine written by Norsat’s very own Senior Product Marketing Manager, Sheri Morita.

Here is a synopsis of what the article is about:

The satellite industry is full of people, myself included, who do not have backgrounds in Engineering. For those of us who fall into this camp the specifications for radio-frequency (RF) devices can be mysterious and intimidating—arcane symbols and abbreviations we do not understand and numbers whose significance eludes us.

Microwave Product Design June issue – Learn more about the Considerations and Choices for Military Satellite Communications in our contributed article in the June issue of Microwave Product Design. This article highlights Norsat’s GLOBETrekker 2.0 and discusses military grade portable satellite terminals, and some of the considerations that our customers have explored when choosing products to fit their requirements.

Via Satellite
April 15, 2015 – Norsat Awarded US Defense Contract for Portable Satellite Terminals
April 13, 2015 – Norsat Introduces New High Performance LNB

April 14, 2015 – Norsat’s New Family Member… That Is Quieter, Costs Less + Provides High Performance
April 7, 2015 – @ NABSHOW: Norsat International Present + Accounted For With Their Satellite + Microwave Offerings

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Norsat Newsflash Q1 2015

Posted on Friday, March 13

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Norsat Highlights

In February, Norsat announced a $3.5 million order from a major Tier 1 Eurasian defense contractor for a broad range of portable satellite terminals. One of the driving factors in winning this contract was that Norsat could provide all of the products required by the customer including manpacks, flyaways, fixed terminals, maritime terminals, LNBs and BUCs. Norsat has made concerted efforts to invest and develop technology to further diversify our product offerings to meet the expanding needs of customers around the globe. Read more here.

Norsat signed a 3-year standing order with BC Emergency Health Services for its Comshel, communication shelters. The structures will be installed over the next three years to protect communications equipment in the mountainous western regions of Canada, permitting emergency personnel to effectively service the residents of British Columbia while ensuring communications equipment survives the harsh outdoor environment.

The Company delivered the first Ka-band ATOM 25 Watt Block Upconverter (BUC) to a key military customer for integration into a ground vehicle Comms-On-the-Move application. Norsat continues to stay at the forefront of innovation and is committed to developing and releasing products to meet customers expanding needs and the demands of the marketplace. Norsat anticipates that the product will be generally available in Q3, 2015. To learn more about Ka-band vs. Ku-band, read our blog titled “The Ka-bandwagon”.

Norsat successfully commenced trading on the NYSE MKT under the ticker symbol “NSAT” on February 10th. Read our blog titled “Norsat is welcomed to the Biggest Stage in Business – the NYSE MKT. To view the bell ringing ceremony click here. The Company continues its record of annual profitability with our eighth consecutive year of profit under our leader and CEO, Dr. Amiee Chan. View our 2014 Year End Financials here.

Product Spotlight – Journey Manpack

journey_mpNorsat recently introduced its latest addition to our ultra-portable satellite
terminal line, the 0.9M Journey Manpack. The Journey Manpack is a highly
integrated complete solution including a compact, segmented antenna system,
BUC, LNB, optional modem, comprehensive alignment tools, and a single backpack.
Weighing less than 18 kg (40 pounds), the Journey Manpack is ideal for military
Special Forces and government applications that require maximum portability.
This assisted-acquire satellite terminal can be quickly assembled without tools
and requires minimal training to assemble and operate. For more information on
the Journey Manpack click here.

Join Norsat at these 2015 Tradeshows

It will be a busy spring with trade show season kicking into full-gear! 
Norsat is exhibiting at the following events over the next month. If you’re
attending CABSAT, Satellite, IWCE or NAB 2015, make sure you stop by the Norsat
booth to say hello, see our latest technology on display or speak with one of
our communications experts.


Location: Dubai, UAE, Dubai World Trade Center
Booth: 813, Hall 8
Date: March 10-12

Norsat is attending CABSAT 2015 in Dubai this week! CABSAT is the number one
event in the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia region for all industry
professionals within the Broadcast, Satellite, Content Delivery and Digital
Media sectors.

For more information about CABSAT 2015, please visit their website.

Satellite 2015

Location: Washington D.C., Walter E. Washington Convention Center
Booth: 4081
Date: March 16-19

SATELLITE 2015 is the largest gathering of all markets in satellite-enabled communications bringing together more than 12,000 satellite professionals representing 91 countries from the military/government, broadcast, enterprise, mobile, telecommunications, maritime and commercial markets to learn best practices, discover new technology and collaborate with colleagues during four, information-packed days.
Norsat will be featuring our ATOM line of Ku and Ka-band Block upconverters and Solid State Power Amplifiers (SSPAs), plus a wide array of microwave products. We will also be demonstrating our GLOBETrekker and Ranger satellite terminals.

Come visit us at booth #4081

Register for
Satellite 2015 for FREE!


To book an appointment call 1-800-644-4562 / +1 604-821-2800 or email

For more information about Satellite 2015, please visit the website.

IWCE 2015

Location: Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, NV
Booth: 1069
Date: March 16-20

International Wireless Communications Expo (IWCE) has been the authoritative annual event for communications technology professionals in the working world. IWCE features over 350 exhibitors showcasing the latest products and trends in the industry. Over 7,000 individuals attend from a diverse group of industry professionals including government/military; public safety (law enforcement, fire service, emergency medical & 911); utility; transportation and business enterprise. Norsat’s Sinclair Division will be showcasing our latest innovations and high performance antennas, filters, multicouplers, and accessories.

Come visit us at booth #1069

NAB 2015

Location: Las Vegas Convention Cente, Las Vegas, NV
Booth: SU3306
Date: April 13-16

With over 97,000 media and entertainment attendees from 159 countries, the 2015 NAB Show attendees represent every sector of the industry including: Broadcast, Digital Media, Film, Entertainment, Telecom, Post-Production, Education, Houses of Worship, Advertising, Military/Government, Retail, Security, Sports, IT and more.

The 2015 show will include Connected Media|IP, focusing on the consumer experience; the Drone Pavilion, featuring a fully enclosed “flying cage” for demonstrations; New Media Expo (NMX), hosting celebrity bloggers, podcasters and digital content creators; SPROCKIT, where market-ready startups present their new ideas; StudioXperience, a live studio using all the latest tools; and so much more.

Visit us at booth #SU3306!

To book an appointment call 1-800-644-4562 / +1 604-821-2800 or email

For more information about NAB 2015, please visit their website.

Norsat in the News

SatMagazine December 2014 Issue – Check out our Year in Review article that was published in SatMagazine where Norsat recaps some of the highlights and challenges faced in 2014.

MilsatMagazine December 2014 Issue – Want to know what Norsat had to say about our year in the Military Satellite market? Read our Year in Review article in MilSatMagazine.

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Norsat Newsflash December 2014

Posted on Tuesday, December 9

Holiday Greetings

One of the real joys of the holiday season is the opportunity to say thank you to our loyal customers and partners. From all of us at Norsat, best wishes for a wonderful holiday and a very happy New Year.

Product Spotlight – Norsat ATOM Control Video

Norsat’s ATOM Control software features an easy to use user Interface that gives you the ability to monitor and control Norsat’s ATOM Series of BUCs & SSPAs. This video will serve as a guide for the download, installation and basic troubleshooting of the software.

Ready to Order & Ship

We have a wide range of in-stock microwave products that are ready to ship. Contact us for more information on pricing and other products available, or to place your order.

Norsat in the News

SatMagazine November 2014 Issue – Check out our latest case study that was published in SatMagazine. A Norsat Case In Point: Sharing FIFA Events With The World. This case study showcases how Norsat’s Newslink terminals, along with our LNBs, enable Televisa to broadcast FIFA content to millions of viewers around the globe.

MilsatMagazine September 2014 Issue – Featured in A Norsat Case in Point – Disaster Truck, Norsat’s NewsLink flyaway VSAT terminal enables broadcast of breaking news events globally.

Chatelaine Magazine – November 2014 – Norsat President & CEO, Dr. Amiee Chan is featured in an article on Canada’sTop Women Entrepreneurs

Business in Vancouver– Norsat has made five of Business in Vancouver’s Top 100 lists in 2014: Top 100 public companies in BC, Biggest telecommunications firms in BC, Top 100 Most Profitable Companies in BC, Top 100 high-tech companies and Top 100 fastest-growing companies!Lean Manufacturing

Lean Manufacturing

In order to continually improve our operational efforts, Norsat has recently ramped up our Lean manufacturing initiatives. Lean is a systematic method for the elimination of “waste” within a manufacturing process. Lean also takes into account waste created through overburden and waste created through unevenness in workloads. For more information on Lean manufacturing click here!

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Remembering Our Fellow Canadians

Posted on Thursday, October 23

norsatOur thoughts and prayers are with all those affected by the tragedy in Ottawa yesterday. A special thanks to the men and women who have dedicated their lives to serving this country in the armed forces and emergency services in our cities.

Norsat’s NewsLink terminal, shown beside the National War Memorial, continues to bring vital information to the public. Our commitment to quality and portability has made Norsat terminals a favoured choice for major worldwide broadcasters in critical communication situations.

We will continue our standard of excellence for innovative communications solutions that aid in information flow in challenging circumstances.


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Norsat Newsflash- Spring 2014

Posted on Tuesday, March 25

Trade Show Special Edition

Demo- cabsatNorsat at CABSAT 2014, Dubai, UAE

Here at Norsat, trade show season is upon us, and we are excited to show off our latest innovations. Here is an update from our show season so far…

SATELLITE 2014: We have just arrived back from Satellite 2014, where we had available for demo our GLOBETrekker 2.0Ranger Ku 60cm, CFK 100E Comms Kit, VSAT Bundle, plus a wide array of microwave products including the NEW ATOM and ELEMENT series BUCs. We had a very successful show and would like to say a big thank you to our supporters and colleagues.

CABSAT 2014:  We were also at CABSAT in Dubai and had a great response to our M2M solution for the Oil & Gas Industry, the Sentinel RMC. 

NAB 2014: The next stop for Norsat is NAB 2014 where you can find us at booth SU02902. We will be holding a draw to give away our VSAT bundle to one lucky winner, so be sure to stop by and drop off your card!

Other upcoming tradeshows that we are attending include: CommunicAsia in Singapore and AUVSI ‘s Unmanned Systems Show in Orlando, Florida.


2014 Norsat Customer Survey


Our annual customer survey will be open starting on April 8th. We hope that you will participate and share with us your valued feedback. By participating, you will  be entered to win a $250 Amazon gift card! The survey will be open until April 30th and should take less than 5 minutes to complete. You can find the survey after April 8th on our website



Product Spotlight- The CFK 100E Communications Kit

This kit supports simultaneous voice, video and data communications over classified and unclassified networks and is packaged in two airline carry-on cases for complete portability. It includes an HD webcam and headset for remote video conferencing as well as a scanner and smart card reader. The accessory case provides storage for additional rugged laptops, VoIP phones, satphones, printer and other accessories as needed.

Contact us today for more details or click here to view the full line of SATCOM Baseband Kits.


Norsat in the News…


CTV Morning Live– Our CEO, Dr. Amiee Chan was a guest on CTV morning live in February, where she joined fellow female powerhouses for a discussion about breaking through the glass ceiling.

ViaSatellite Excellence Awards-  Dr. Chan is the recipient of a ViaSatellite Excellence Award for being an influential ‘Woman in Technology’. She accepted her award on March 13th at the awards breakfast hosted at Satellite 2014.

EP&T Magazine- In this article, we share what has driven our success in recent years with Electronic Products and Technology Magazine.

Satellite Evolution Asia– Our latest Disaster Truck Customer Case Study was  published this month in Satellite Evolution Asia.

ViaSatellite March Issue– Norsat is featured in this ViaSatellite article which  discusses the new era of satellite with some of the industry’s key visionaries; including our very own President & CEO.

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Norsat NewsFlash Holiday 2013

Posted on Wednesday, December 18

norsat_newsletter_header_graphic - Christmas

Happy Holidays!

From all of us at Norsat, we would like to wish you and yours a happy and healthy
holiday season, and all the best for 2014. We would like to thank all of our loyal customers and partners for your continued support. 

In Stock Items, Ready to Ship!

Microwave Product Offering chart #2

We are pleased to offer a wide range of in-stock microwave products that are ready to ship. Above are some of the items we have available. Contact us for more information on pricing and other products available, or to place your order.

Norsat M2M Solutions

Norsat was at OilComm 2013 in November demonstrating our M2M solution; Sentinel RMC to key players in the Oil & Gas industry. The Sentinel RMC provides real-time data monitoring and control using a variety of communication services for data access from anywhere in the world. This complete end to end solution is the ideal platform for any application that requires real-time monitoring and control.

Harris Corporation

Norsat is proud to announce that last month, we received an order for $6.3M from Harris for our new ATOM Series of Ku Band Solid State Power Amplifiers. The ATOM SSPAs were chosen because they boast compact size, remote control capability and low life cycle costs which differentiate them from other SSPAs currently on the market. FOr more information on our ATOM line of high efficiency BUCs and SSPAs click here.

Customer Focus: Disaster Truck

In our most recent Customer Case Study, one of our customers shares with us his passion for communication, and how Norsat has helped enable his fascinating freelance career. Roger Hawkins is the President and founder of Disaster Truck, and uses a Norsat NewsLink terminal to capture and broadcast breaking news events around the world. Click here to find out more about Disaster Truck’s work using a Norsat fly-away terminal.

Norsat in the News…

Business in Focus BIF covers top Canadian businesses, and recently interviewed our President & CEO Dr. Amiee Chan for a feature article that outlines Norsat’s position as a leader in the satellite communications industry.

PROFIT Magazine  Our CEO discusses how to spike your sales by taking the niche approach in this article which covers international companies and their strategies for achieving long term growth.

ViaSatellite Excellence Awards Our CEO won a prestigious SATCOM industry award which honours her work as a prominent Woman in Technology. Look for her article in the January issue of ViaSatellite.

PROFIT/Chatelaine W100 Dr. Amiee Chan ranked #7 on this esteemed list which celebrates Canada’s top 100 female entrepreneurs of 2013.

Women’s Executive Network (WXN)–  Dr. Chan wins yet another award for being among Canada’s Top 100 Most Powerful Women in 2013. These awards celebrate the professional achievements of women across the country. Dr.Chan was also featured on the cover of The Financial Post as a result of her win.


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Norsat NewsFlash June 2013

Posted on Wednesday, June 12


New Demo Video: Using Link Profiles


LinkControl software is an intuitive and powerful suite of satellite pointing tools. Take a look at our newest demo video and see how using LinkProfiles can make satellite acquisition easy in a variety of situations.

Norsat in Singapore

We will be in Singapore June 18- 21st at CommunicAsia 2013 showing off our line of microwave products including those developed for O3B Networks.We will also have several other exciting new products available for demo at the show, including the brand new 60 cm Assisted Acquire Ranger which boasts features such as:

  • Light weight, compact design
  • Airline checkable- IATA compliant
  • Rugged- tested to MIL-STD-810
  • Easy and rapid assembly

USB Recovery

Check out Norsat’s USB Recovery feature which comes standard on GlobeTrekker and Rover terminals. Simple to use, this feature ensures that the right profiles are loaded into your terminal and that the system is configured correctly every time, eliminating human error.

ATOM Series Products

View our new ATOM series of Ku-band BUCs and SSPAs! Small, light, and extremely powerful, the ATOM series products are ideal for any application. View them here.

Norsat Partners with O3b


Back in April 2013, we announced our partnership with O3b Networks.  Since then, Norsat has announced the availability of new BUC and LNB products specifically designed for O3b. We are pleased to offer special introductory pricing through Dec 31st 2013 on all O3b BUC, LNB, and accessory products.  Stay tuned to our blog for new product details that will emerge throughout the summer!  For more about Norsat and O3b Networks, click here.

To find out more about these products, please contact us.

Norsat in the news…

A brief roundup of where we’ve been in the media lately.

Satellite TodayOur President & CEO, Dr. Amiee Chan, highlights  our satellite diversification strategy and provides commentary into what this means for Norsat.

PROFIT Magazine– Norsat ranked No.5  among top Canadian Communications Companies on the 25th annual PROFIT 500, the definitive ranking of Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies. Published in the summer issue of PROFIT Magazine and online at, the PROFIT 500 ranks Canadian businesses by their revenue growth over five years. Click here for the press release.

Satellite Pro Middle East- Dr. Amiee Chan outlines the Company’s current activities and some of the products we will be showcasing at the CommunicAsia show.

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LinkControl Software: Working with LinkProfiles

Posted on Friday, May 17

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 LinkControl software is an intuitive and powerful suite of satellite pointing tools.Learn about what LinkProfiles can do and how it makes satellite acquisition easy in a variety of situations.


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