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Sinclair White Paper Available for Download on IWCE’s Urgent Communications

A practical and helpful whitepaper on filtering radio signals is now available for free to download on IWCE’s Urgent Communications website. The title of the white paper is “Introduction to Filtering for Radio Signals” and is written by Sinclair’s Technical Sales Engineer, Jim Reville. Jim has over 30 years of industry experience and has worked with the Public Safety industry on the design, implementation, and support of Land Mobile Radio systems and has helped resolve many RF issues in numerous challenging environments. This white paper addresses the basic techniques on how to properly filter as it applies to the transmission and reception of radio signals. As well, it offers descriptions of different types of filters, what they do, and why they are used.

Download the white paper by visiting IWCE’s Urgent Communications website or by clicking here.

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APCO International 2017: Bringing the Public Safety Industry Together

APCO International’s Annual Conference & Expo was hosted in Denver, Colorado and offered four days of educational sessions and amazing keynote speakers including General Keith Alexander, Colonel Jill Morgenthaler, and Scott O’Grady. There were over 100 educational sessions and nine session tracks including Emergency Preparedness, Response & Situational Awareness. NG9-1-1 & Emerging Technologies, Communications Center Management, and Industry Products & Tools. Attendees from all over the world participated in the conference and expo where more than 70% of the attendees had over ten years of experience in the public safety sector. The event was mainly attended by communication officers and managers of Police, Fire, and EMT personnel for state and local public safety entities. The turnout was great and provided a good mix of visitors. It was fantastic to meet new faces as well as reconnect with existing customers such as the Denver School District, Montana Highway Patrol, City of LA, and San Lusipi County. Thank you for coming by the Sinclair booth!


The products that were showcased at APCO 2017 were the SM701 series of multi-functional transport antennas and the ST221 Excalibur series of low profile VHF antennas. The SM701 is the newest product series from Sinclair. It was specifically designed to address the need for compact, low-profile, broadband antennas used in harsh environments. The SM701 delivers excellent performance on either metallic or non-metallic vehicle rooftops. On the other hand, the Excalibur ST221 is a tried-and-true Sinclair product making it a customer favourite! The ST221 is designed for a wide range of mobile transportation applications such as trains, police cars, emergency vehicles, buses, and trucks. The rugged cast aluminum design ensures consistent dependable performance and has a relatively inconspicuous appearance which is resistant to damage. These two feature products were very well-received by visitors.

Overall the APCO Conference & Expo was a hit! There were lots of business cards being exchanged and many badges being scanned. The public safety industry is a major customer for Sinclair making this show a critical trade show on Sinclair’s trade show circuit. It was also great to see everyone out-and-about participating in the event’s activities and showcases.Thanks to APCO International for the fantastic show and we hope to see everyone there again next year!



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Photo Contest Winners Announced

Thank you to everyone who entered the Norsat and Sinclair photo contest! We received over 30 submissions from a variety of applications. All the photos submitted were great! Our two winners are….

Robert from DCI Teleports who sent us the winning photo for Norsat!

Robert captured this photo of their Norsat satellite terminal while covering the news of the earthquake in Equador in 2016. Thank you for capturing this action shot and broadcasting live updates to the rest of the world. Great job Robert!

Ron from the Yukon Amateur Radio Association who sent us the winning photo for Sinclair Technologies!

This photo was taken at Mount Decoli at 8200 feet, near Haines Junction in Yukon, Canada. This application is very demanding as the equipment is installed at a very high altitude. Thank you to the Yukon Amateur Radio Association for entering such a beautiful photo!

Again, thank you to everyone who entered our photo contest and congratulations to the winners, Robert and Ron. The winners have been notified and they will both receive a $100 Amazon gift card.

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Photo Contest Deadline Extended to June 2, 2017


If you have a photo of a Norsat or Sinclair product in the field, you could win a $100 Amazon gift card! Email your 10MB or less photo to marcom@norsat.com to enter the contest. Contest ends at 12AM on June 2, 2017 (previously May 16, 2017). To enter your photo or to learn more details, click here.

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Sinclairity Newsletter – Sept 2016

Posted on Monday, November 21

*Repost from September 2016
In this issue: Intro | Product Spotlight | Highlights | Technical Training
Another edition of Sinclairity is here and we have been very busy since our last issue. Sinclair has some exciting highlights from shows we have attended, plus we have some great products and a webinar training series we would like to tell you about. Take a look and see what Sinclairity has to offer.
Product Spotlight – SM700
Key Features:

Broad Bandwidth
• 694 – 6000 MHz
Covers All Bands
• LMR in 700-900 MHz
• 2G, 2.5G, 3G, 3.5G, 4G cellular systems
• Dual band WLAN
Low Profile Design
• SM700 series features a compact low profile design
• Easily expandable to serve multiple radio systems operating in different frequencies at the same time with the cross-band coupler expansion kit
Unobtrusive UV Protected Radome
• Minimal visual impact
• Maximum vibration absorption
• Ultimate waterproofing with fire rating UL94 HB
Ground Plate-Free
• Fiberglass vehicle rooftop mounting in a mobile radio system
• Ceiling mount in an in-building wireless distribution system
Easy Installation
• One 3/4 inch hole mount
Multiple Connector Options
• N male/female
• BNC male/female
• TNC male/female
 Product Description

Sinclair’s SM700 series multifunctional transport antennas are specifically designed to address the need for compact, low profile, broadband antennas. Designed to withstand harsh environments and constant vibrations without compromising performance, the rugged SM700 series antennas are ideal for vehicular rooftop mounting. When used
with a cross-band coupler, a single antenna can serve multiple discrete RF systems
operating in 694 – 6000 MHz range. The SM700 offers easy installation with just one
¾ inch hole mount and excellent protection against water ingression.

 Ceramic  Combiner – 700 – 800 MHz
 Key Features:

Modular Design
• Up to 12 channels
Compact and Light
• ~ 50% space saving
• 3 – channel unit to fit in 3U high, 12 inch deep envelope
• ~ 50% lighter
• Easy to fit in 19 inch rack

Tx-Tx Spacing
• 150 kHz minimum
Lower Insertion Loss
• 2.3 dB at 150 kHz spacing
Field Tunable

 Product Description

The ceramic combiner uses an ultra high Q ceramic resonator. This simultaniously allows for a very low loss within the combiner and very close spacing between the transmitter frequencies. The compactness of the resonator means that up to 3 channels can fit in a 3U high, 12 inch deep envelope. This combiner comes in 1, 2 and 3-channel modules. Combiners with larger numbers of channels can be built by joining these modules.

 Norsat Announces Narrow-Band Duplexer Series Targeted at Law Enforcement Agencies

The PR4330 is a narrow band 700/800 MHz duplexer that offers ultra-rugged construction, excellent protection from out-of-band frequencies to minimize RF interference and to maintain good signal quality, and excellent temperature compensation to keep stable product performance over a very wide range of temperatures. The ruggedized features of this product are extremely important as high reliability of communications during critical situations is vital to the success of tactical operations. Read more

The Critical Communications World conference was held May 31 – June 2 in RAI Amsterdam and we would like to thank everyone who stopped by the Sinclair Technologies booth! Compared to last year, we felt that the show was much more successful.  The organizers reported a higher attendance and this seemed to be reflected in the increased foot traffic.

Throughout the course of the show there were many people who stopped by the Sinclair booth that were quite interested in our antenna and RF conditioning products. These prospects were predominately from Europe, Middle East, South Africa and Thailand. Attendees were excited about our latest product offerings with a couple past customers coming to the booth hoping to partner with Sinclair again on the next phase of their projects.  This shows the long-term nature of the business especially with larger projects. Read More

More than 1,550 freight and passenger railroaders, transit agencies and supply companies came together for the Railway Systems Supplier 56th annual communications and signaling exhibition and Norsat’s Sinclair Division was also in attendance.

Railway Systems Suppliers Inc. put on a two-day exhibition that featured 193 exhibitors. The event officially kicked off on June 29th with RSSI 2016 Board of Director and President Michael Choat cutting the ribbon dressed in his conductors’ hat and coat and with an emphatic ‘all aboard.’ Read More

APCO 2016 kicked off the Opening General Session in Orlando with Derek Poarch, APCO Executive Director & Chief Executive Officer (CEO) recognizing the first responders from Orlando for their response to the nightclub shooting in June.

APCO 2016 is the premiere event for public safety and you could see that with all the representatives and government officials in attendance like Harris and Motorola, as well as Talley, Tessco and Primus who are key distributors of Sinclair Technologies products.
Read More

Technical Training

Sinclair offers product training for antennas, filter components and filter systems to our customers through in-person group training, on-line training using webinars and through on-line videos.  Click here to contact your local Sinclair sales rep to learn more.

Having trouble tuning your filters or duplexers?

Sinclair Technologies has a video for that! Check out our tuning videos on our Youtube channel!

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New Sinclair Video: How To Tune A Ceramic Combiner

Posted on Thursday, November 3

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Do you know how easy it is to tune a TXC Ceramic Combiner? , Mike Macki, Senior Product Design Engineer at Sinclair Technologies details the steps to tune a Combiner from the TXC family of products. Mike shows you how easy the Combiner can be tuned when you compare it to other products of the same kind. What makes our Combiner stand out is that the tuning rods can be simply adjusted with your fingers, and not with a wrench.  This cuts the tuning time by more than half and response is much better in term of insertion loss.  Click here to go to our YouTube Video and learn more!


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New Video: Satellite Terminals – Major Components & Functions

Posted on Tuesday, October 11

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Have you ever wanted to learn more about Satellite Terminals? Well look no further! Norsat has created a video titled “Satellite Terminals – Major Components and Functions”. This video will help you understand the three pieces of a portable satellite system, the two types of satellite terminals, the categories of satellite terminals, the physical adjustments required to lock onto a satellite, and all of the major components of the satellite terminal.  Watch our newest tutorial video now!


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Annual Customer Survey Winner and Thank You

Posted on Thursday, July 14

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Thank you web&emailgraphic_230x230px

Thank you to everyone who filled out Norsat’s Annual Customer Satisfaction Survey. Congratulations to Chris Calabro from AQYR Technologies, who was the winner of the $250 Amazon gift card.

At Norsat we take customer feedback seriously and will use this feedback to improve our existing products and practices, as well as guide new product development to better meet your needs.

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Norsat Ranks as a Top 100 Public Company in BC

Posted on Wednesday, July 6

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Business_in_Vancouver_logo_colorAlthough forestry companies made the biggest jump on Business in Vancouver’s top 100 list of public companies, technology companies still seem to make a consistent showing when it comes to BC’s top. The top 100 public companies are ranked by revenue in the most recent fiscal year. The strong US dollar helped push Norsat up the ladder moving from 88th to the 80th position as Norsat reports in US dollars. For a full listing of BIV’s Top 100 public companies click here.

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Norsat NewsFlash March 2016

Posted on Monday, April 4

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Norsat Highlights

ATOM 250 Watt Ku-Band BUC Announced
During the Satellite 2016 show, Norsat launched the ATOM 250 Watt Ku-band Block Upconverter and Solid State Power Amplifiers. This latest addition to the popular ATOM Series of BUCs and SSPAs is ideal for TWTA replacement and Satellite News Gathering .

Norsat Adds New Generation of Ku-band Block Upconverters to Product Portfolio
Earlier in Q1, Norsat launched the Median Series of Ku-band BUCs. The Median series is a perfect addition to Norsat’s line of BUCS and is positioned between our leading size, weight and power efficient ATOM series of BUCs and the ELEMENT high value series. Read more about our announcement here!

ATOM Customization ToolMedian_Via_Satellite
Are you interested in our class leading ATOM BUCs or SSPAs? Do you want to customize the frequency range, output power, and environmental specifications of the product? Try our ATOM Customization Tool where you can choose different features and options to suit your needs. Fill in the inquiry form and immediately receive a custom part number. One of our team will get back to you with availability and pricing on your custom product!

Norsat Announces Fourth Quarter and 2015 Financials
On Friday, March 4th, Norsat announced the Fourth Quarter and Fiscal Year 2015 Financial Results. Norsat recognized $36.1 million in revenue with net earnings of $8.7 million or $1.50 per share.
To view our full financials click here.

As part of Odgers Berndtson CEOx1day program, on February 5th Norsat hosted Jasmine Nikkari, a third year University of British Columbia engineering student who shadowed Dr. Amiee Chan, Norsat’s CEO. The CEOx1 day program gives students an opportunity to spend the day with a Canadian CEO from various industries to learn more what it takes to run a company.
On the flip side, this program is another example of how Norsat gives back to the community and promotes engineering careers to female engineers.
Read our blog here!

Product Spotlights

Another +1 Added to the Popular ATOM SeriesATOM250WBUC_web
The ATOM 250 Watt Ku-Dual band BUC provides 250W of saturated power (200W @ P1dB) in one of the most compact sizes in the market. Covering transmit frequencies from 12.25 to 18 GHz, including CDL-Band and Low KU Band, the ATOM 250W SSPAs and BUCs can be configured to suit operation on any Ku Band Median_Via_Satellitesatellite. Ethernet, redundancy configurations, EMI/EMC, and other custom options are available upon request. Contact us for more information!
Find out more about the ATOM 250W by clicking here!

Median BUCs Round Out BUC Product Line
The new MEDIAN Series of Ku-band Block Upconverters (BUCs) from Norsat are designed with both performance and economy in mind. These new BUCs aren’t quite as small, light-weight, and power efficient as our premier ATOM line, but they are ideal for fixed and portable VSAT applications. The Median series of Ku-band BUCs comes in 16W and 25W options, is currently available in Ku-band frequency and can be customized for your needs.  For more information on the Median BUC Series click here. (scroll)


logoThe Norsat Sales and Marketing team just returned from a successful  Satellite 2016 conference held at the Gaylord National Convention Center in National Harbor, Maryland. The Satellite show brings the market leading companies in the global satellite community together in one place and provides participants with an excellent venue for networking with prospective business partners, as well as maintain a current awareness of the issues and opportunities facing the global satellite-enabled communications marketplace.
Norsat’s booth was decked out with our latest tradeshow design and showcased some of our newest and leading edge products.
Read more about Norsat’s presence at the show.


Norsat participated in the 22nd annual CABSAT show in Dubai, UAE from March 8-10. CABSAT is the number one event in the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia region for all industry professionals within the Broadcast, Satellite, Content Delivery and Digital Media sectors. Norsat saw considerable interest in our new ATOM 25W Ka-band BUC and SSPA and increasing interest in our LNB and BUC product lines.

Read our blog here!

Next up on the tradeshow schedule is NAB 2016, Apirl 18 – 21 in Las Vegas, NV!

Check out the events section of our website for more information on the shows that Norsat will be attending in 2016!

Norsat in the News

Satellite Evolution Group
March 11, 2016 – Norsat introduces new ATOM series products

March 9, 2016 – Norsat Introduces Atom 250 Watt Ku-band Block Upconverter and Solid State Power Amplifier

Boston Globe
March 9, 2016 – Norsat Introduces Atom 250 Watt Ku-band Block Upconverter and Solid State Power Amplifier
January 21, 2016 – Norsat Launches New Generation of Ku-band Block Upconverters

National Post/Financial Post 
March 9, 2016 – Norsat Introduces Atom 250 Watt Ku-band Block Upconverter and Solid State Power Amplifier
January 21, 2016 – National Post – Norsat Launches New Generation of Ku-band Block Upconverters

Morning Star
March 9, 2016 – Norsat Introduces Atom 250 Watt Ku-band Block Upconverter and Solid State Power Amplifier
January 21, 2016 – Morning Star – Norsat Launches New Generation of Ku-band Block Upconverters

Seeking Alpha
March 9, 2016 – Norsat Introduces Atom 250 Watt Ku-band Block Upconverter and Solid State Power Amplifier
January 21, 2016 – Norsat Launches New Generation of Ku-band Block Upconverters

Satnews/Milsat Magazine
January 23, 2016 – SatNews – Upconverters for the Next Generation
December 2015 – New ATOM 25 Watt BUC Debuts From Norsat

Canadian Business Journal March 9, 2016 – Norsat Introduces Atom 250 Watt Ku-band Block Upconverter and Solid State Power Amplifier

TheStreet  March 9, 2016 – Norsat Introduces Atom 250 Watt Ku-band Block Upconverter and Solid State Power Amplifier

Cantech LetterMarch 7, 2016 – Norsat has triple-digit upside says Cantor Fitzgerald Canada

TVeyesMarch 5, 2016 – TVeyes – Business News Network – Canada National

Globe & MailJanuary 21, 2016 – Norsat Launches New Generation of Ku-band Block Upconverters

StockHouse January 21, 2016 – Norsat Launches New Generation of Ku-band Block Upconverters

Baltimore Business Journal January 21, 2016 – Norsat Launches New Generation of Ku-band Block Upconverters

Atlanta Business Chronicle March 9 ,2016 – Norsat Introduces Atom 250 Watt Ku-band Block Upconverter and Solid State Power Amplifier

Business in Vancouver
March 2, 2016 – Norsat boss champions engineering diversity cause
February 16, 2016 – Norsat ranked 91 on the BIV’s Top 100 Biggest Manufacturers in Metro Vancouver list. Ranked by the total number of employees, Norsat’s BC employee base rose almost 20% year-over-year and the trend is continuing. We have a range of open positions available in our Richmond facility, as well as our Aurora, Ontario plant. Check out our career postings on the Norsat website.

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