CFK 4200 Emergency Communications Kit Video Transcript

Video Transcript:

Millions of people all over the world are affected by natural
disasters every year. The rate of occurrence of severe natural
disasters has increased drastically over the past 40 years. The
impact can be far reaching and can devastate entire
communities. During these times of crisis, key communications
infrastructure can become damaged or destroyed completely. When
you are a responder on the scene, you know that communication
is vital.

Norsat’s CFK 4200 Emergency Communications Kit gives you the
capability to connect to remote resources while in the field
under almost any circumstance. This system gives the user the
ability to establish reliable communications in four ways:
BGAN satellite terminal, handheld satellite phone, cellular data
network or Land Mobile Radio (LMR).

Our Radio over IP (RoIP) and radio interoperability solution
allows various band LMR push-to-talk radios that ordinarily do
not communicate with each other to seamlessly interoperate on
one cohesive network. Since the radio traffic is converted to
IP, it also extends the LMR network beyond line of sight using
the included satcom terminal to anywhere in the world.

Our CFK 4200 Emergency Communication Kit has been deployed to
Haiti and are used in U.S. Embassies Worldwide. The kit
includes a laptop , BGAN terminal , Iridium satphone , scanner
printer , HD Webcam and GPS.
The CFK4200 kit includes 12 and 24 volt power inverters to
allow you to power the kit from a military HMMWV or commercial
vehicle even in the absence of AC power.
The kit is extremely portable offering distinct advantages over
trailer-mounted or large communications vehicles. This is
extremely useful for transportation to an incident site
especially after a hurricane, tornado or other natural disaster
when roads can become clogged with debris.
When crisis strikes, The Norsat CFK 4200 Emergency
Communications Kit lets you focus on what matters most.
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SATCOM Baseband Solutions.


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