Norsat exhibited at China Satellite 2018, the premier international conference that engages professionals from the satellite industry in China and Asia between October 24-26, 2018.  Held annually since 1999, China Satellite has established itself to be THE unparalleled Conference and Expo engaging professionals from satellite industry in China. The conference featured theme reports, equipment exhibition, satellite technology lectures and round table discussions. In one, it was an open platform for the industry to explore the development direction of applications such as satellite communications, satellite broadcasting, satellite remote sensing and navigation and positioning.

During the Conference, leaders of the National Development and Reform Commission, the National Space Administration, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television, and the State Radio Administration gave keynote speeches on the development, policy, planning, and industrial chain of China’s satellite applications. Norsat’s Manager – Product Engineering, Douglas Chun gave an in-depth presentation on the topic ‘Is GaN Better than GaAs?’ at the show, which was very well received. Known for decades of research in Block Upconverter technology, Norsat presented the findings documented by its scientists this year and highlighted the performance of Gallium Nitride vs Gallium arsenide in BUCs. Besides higher power density resulting in higher power output, GaN enables more gain variation over temperature. However, it was concluded that neither one is “better” than the other – the real benefits depend upon the unique requirements of each application to determine the best technology for the job. Norsat has a line of both GaN and GaAs BUCs like the ATOM Series to ensure we have the best solution available for all customers and applications.

At the show floor, there were a number of well-known Chinese and foreign exhibitors, ranging from satellite operators, VSAT operators, satellite manufacturers, business system integrators, portable satellite communication stations, etc. to display the latest satellite equipment, application systems and scientific and technological achievements. Norsat products at the booth like the iconic GLOBETrekker 2.0 and range of satellite components drew the attention of customers at the show. Many visitors with a military background were interested in the in-field functioning of the GLOBETrekker 2.0. They were impressed with the sales track record history of this terminal to US military and other European countries. They also praised the ruggedness of the structure and the flexibility of swapping frequency operation between Ka and Ku band.

Visitors commended the unique booth displays and ability to demonstrate the complete high power LNB/BUC product lines covering all frequency bands. After the presentation, attendees flocked to the booth and were enthralled with the actual physical size of the ATOM BUC.  Excellent response was received from the visitors on 3000-3 series with LED indicator. Norsat’s 5-band Ka LNB also drew the attention of visitors who are working on Ka projects.

Over three days of the show, China Satellite 2018 witnesses over 2000 visitors with more than 70 exhibitors, with a mission to bring together information and network resources of satellite users in various fields and industries. The event aimed at facilitating the integration of the vertical industry chain supply and marketing system for satellite applications with the needs of horizontal information exchange between various industry chains.