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Board Mandate

The Board believes that its principal responsibility is to foster the long‑term success of the Company in a manner consistent with the Board’s responsibility to the Company’s shareholders to maximize shareholder value and provide strategic oversight.  It has statutory obligations to act in the best interests of the Company and it has fiduciary responsibilities to the shareholders.

The Board is committed to ensuring it can function independently of management and it is accountable to the shareholders of the Company.  The Board strives to effectively manage the business and affairs of the Company by adopting best practices in corporate governance in order to enhance shareholder value.

To achieve its objective, the Board has developed a governance system of interrelated principles, structures and processes which is designed to, among other things: (i) enable the Board to carry out all its responsibilities; (ii) assist the Board in evaluating and improving its performance; and (iii) achieve high standards of governance, which will ultimately help promote management accountability and will ensure the Board functions independently from management.

The Board has developed and adopted a Board Mandate (the “Mandate”) that contains terms of reference to assist the Board and management in determining responsibilities and maintaining effective communication between the Board and management.  The Mandate includes Charters of the Committees of the Board, the Audit Committee and the Compensation Committee.

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