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Investor FAQ

What do you do?

We design, develop and market satellite ground equipment which enables high speed transmission of data, audio and video over commercial and military satellites. Our equipment is located on earth and thus falls under the broad category of “satellite ground equipment”. We concentrate on ground equipment that is central to the transmission and reception of content for commercial and military applications, as opposed to consumer applications such as direct-to-home broadcasting.

What do you sell?

Our portfolio of satellite ground equipment comprises primarily of receivers, transmitters and power amplifiers (collectively, “Microwave Components”); and portable satellite systems, related accessories and services (collectively “Satellite Systems”). These Microwave Components and Satellite Systems are designed to interoperate with geostationary satellites orbiting the earth and can be customized to work with specific frequency bands for the various applications. Our products permit users to establish a broadband communications link (up to 9 Mbps) between any two points on earth. This broadband communications link is capable of transporting a broad range of content including voice, data and moving video.

Norsats customization process is delivering antenna products that are modified to satisfy our customers needs. Adding customization combines the flexibility and personalization of “custom-made” with the low unit costs associated with mass production.

Microwave components enable the transmission, reception and amplification of signals to and from satellites. The Company’s product portfolio of microwave components includes a comprehensive range of satellite receivers (LNBs), transmitters (BUCs), transceivers, solid-state power amplifiers (SSPAs) and other customized products.

Portable satellite systems provide rapidly deployable broadband connectivity over satellite where traditional communications infrastructure is insufficient, unreliable, damaged or non-existent. The Company’s product portfolio of portable satellite systems includes Ultra-Portable and Transportable satellite systems.

Ultra-portable satellite systems enable users to establish a reliable broadband connection on short notice. They are designed to fit in small vehicles, and are airline checkable and back-packable. Ultra-portable systems are ideal for users who are highly mobile. Examples of such users include special forces, first responders, business continuity managers, Search and Rescue personnel and journalists.

Transportable satellite systems also address the demanding needs of users seeking to establish broadband connectivity on a temporary basis but for longer periods of time. This product line is ideal for use by government and peacekeeping agencies, broadcasters, resource exploration companies, distance education institutions, financial institutions, and large corporations.

Through our Sinclair Division (, Norsat also offers antenna and RF conditioning products, systems and coverage solutions for public safety, defense and private networks.

How do you market your products and services?

Other than microwave components and portable satellite systems bound for the US Government, we sell most of our products through resellers. Almost all of the portable satellite systems sold to the US Government have been through the Company’s direct sales force with a few exceptions. In 2006, we finalized contract vehicles which enable end users in the government to purchase our products:

In May 2006, we were awarded a five year Federal Supply Schedule contract by the General Services Administration (GSA). This is a contract vehicle which enables federal, state and local governments in the United States to procure the Company’s satellite communications equipment and solutions.

In August 2006, we were named a subcontractor to Arrowhead Global Solutions who is the holder of a five year IDIQ (indefinite quantity indefinite period) contract vehicle with the United States Navy.

When did you go public?


Where is the company’s stock traded?

Toronto Stock Exchange

What is your stock symbol?



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