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Norsat and its partners provide end-to-end satellite enabled network solutions for reliable broadcast receipt and transmission.

No one can predict where and when breaking news will occur. Broadcasters require terminals that are capable of handling high definition broadcasts and are extremely portable in order to allow them to move quickly to capture stories in real-time.

Norsat supplies terminals which are ruggedized and designed specifically for news gathering in challenging environments.

Some Norsat products which support our broadcast customers include:



The Norsat NewsLink is an extremely rugged and transportable terminal designed for news gathering in challenging environments. The NewsLink has been deployed in Afghanistan, Iraq and Haiti because it provides broadcasters with reliability when it matters most.

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The ROVER is easily deployed in a matter of minutes for safe operation in dangerous terrain. This terminal provides military grade durability and flexible integration options to fit existing equipment and deployment requirements.

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The vehicle-mounted CONVOY is designed to deliver secure broadband data connectivity in a highwind-capable and reinforced structure. The CONVOY has changed mobile satellite communications by eliminating the need to include an RF engineer on each assignment.

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