Norsat’s innovative communication solutions ensure defense teams around the world that  ‘the power behind you is greater than the mission ahead of you’.

Embracing the complexity of military and government satellite networks, Norsat has always been the leader in developing customized, sophisticated communications tools for deployment into harsh environments. Most government and defense sectors face a variety of unpredictable challenges and requirements everyday. Secure and effective communication forms the very foundation of their operations, whether it is providing connectivity in times of natural disasters, search & rescue operations, tactical solutions for military outposts or warzones. Norsat provides global milsatcom solutions across X, Ka and Ku-bands for such mission-critical operations. Our products are used by global armies and theatres including; Malaysia, Turkey, Canada, Brazil, United States Army in Iraq, Afghanistan, CONUS, Japan, AFRICOM, Europe; NATO in Europe and Afghanistan; the French Military in Saharan Africa and Europe; the Indian Government; and French Defense Forces.

Combat Support

Since we are operating in the information age, data requirements for the modern soldier or officer have changed. They require an intuitive and powerful suite of satellite terminals, tools, intuitive GUI that is easy to operate and seamlessly integrates the various hardware components. Moreover, there is a need for equipment that is easy to set up and deploy, leaving soldiers free to focus on the mission. Gone are the days when commands were shouted across the battlefield or essential information delivered through unsecured networks. Satcom products like Norsat’s GLOBETrekker™ 2.0 have changed the way officers communicate in the field.  Often regarded as the world’s most intelligent fly-away satellite terminal, it enables rapid deployment and automatic satellite acquisition in less than five minutes. Built to military specifications like MIL-STD 810G, with IP66 compliance, 1200 NITS sunlight readable display and a suite of integrated modems and lightweight packaging compact enough for airline check in, operators rely on the GLOBETrekker™ 2.0 for mission critical communications anywhere on the planet.

Temporary Encampment

The need for secure communications during some Military Special Forces tasks and government applications require maximum portability. These situations call for simple, small portable satellite systems where setup and teardown is quick and communication can be established within minutes of assembly. Officers and representatives are often deployed on important missions to remote locations or sensitive terrains for short periods of time.

In such  cases, they cannot lug around heavy containers or multiple communication cases but can carry only one backpack. Keeping in mind this requirement, Norsat developed the 0.9m Journey Manpack – a high-performance, ultra-portable, manual acquire satellite terminal designed for special military and commercial applications. It is extremely lightweight, airline checkable in a single backpack and provides unmatched durability, maximum portability, HD video and IP transmission and 4+hours of continuous runtime with battery pack. This can also be used for soldier MWR (Moral, Welfare, Recreation). Portable satellite systems are often central to enabling military personnel to stay connected by Internet and email service and, where appropriate, through videoconferencing with their friends and families at home.

Public Affairs & Surveillance

Defense forces also use communication solutions largely for public affairs, surveillance, medical services coordination, logistic support, inter-department communication and release of vital information to broadcasters or media houses. Portable satellite systems like Norsat’s WAYFARER commercial terminals are used extensively by government offices to broadcast stories of Interest to their constituencies and to provide media access to forward deployed service members.

Norsat’s NewsLinkT 3200 was widely used by the US Army Public Affairs Offices to arrange live Interviews between soldiers and members of the media based outside of the war theater. Satellite components are also used for UAV, coastal and high-value target surveillance and naval, coastal and border perimeter security.

Norsat ensures that it develops products with the latest technology, enabling communications from an end-user perspective, considering the size, weight and power for future terminal solutions. We provide customers with the most comprehensive satellite intelligence systems so that they can make better operational and strategic decisions, both on and off the battlefield. Book a meeting with Norsat at any of our upcoming events or contact us now and learn how to leverage existing technology to maximize warfighter agility, and achieve success at the final frontier.