Deploying Norsat's M2M Oil & Gas Solution: Sentinel RMC

/Deploying Norsat's M2M Oil & Gas Solution: Sentinel RMC

Deploying Norsat's M2M Oil & Gas Solution: Sentinel RMC

2017-11-10T02:33:39+00:00 August 26th, 2013|Company News|

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Last week, Norsat was at an observation well in Alberta, Canada to oversee the deployment of our M2M remote monitoring solution- Sentinel RMC. Sentinel RMC’s purpose is to monitor the surface and sub-surface pressure and temperature (P/T). Arrival began with a site survey to determine the best location for placement of the drop spool system. This deployment marks Norsat’s entry into this exciting new market.

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The P/T sensor assembly was run 900 meters down-hole. Sentinel RMC read the P/T measurements from the assembly’s surface electronics and sent these measurements back to a server farm via a satellite backhaul. The operators can then retrieve their data via secure web login. For this deployment, Sentinel RMC was engineered to be a completely self-contained, portable system requiring no external power for operation.

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Norsat’s Sentinel RMC- successfully serving the complex needs of the oil and gas industry. To find out more about the Sentinel RMC click here, or call 604-821-2820 to speak with a product manager.