Norsat Hosts NATO for Official Acceptance Testing

/Norsat Hosts NATO for Official Acceptance Testing

Norsat Hosts NATO for Official Acceptance Testing

2017-11-08T04:36:27+00:00 May 21st, 2015|Company News|

Norsat hosted two representatives from NATO Communications and Information Agency (NCIA) to review the DART+ (Dual-band Auto-acquire Rapid-deployable) satellite terminal upgrades that Norsat completed for NATO. Norsat worked exclusively with NATO to design and develop the innovative DART+ product which has been deployed in active combat areas since January 2012, and is now an integral part of NCIA’s field communications program.
The DART+ terminals are used to provide data, voice and telecommunications within the theater of operation, and enable field personnel to establish communications anywhere regardless of infrastructure availability or environmental conditions.NATO_testing_Dec2014NATO_testing_2_Dec2014

This site visit focused on ensuring that the previous DART terminals were upgraded to meet the new features and functionality of the new DART+ satellites and were completed to NATO’s satisfaction. These on-site Factory Acceptance Tests ensure that the system is functioning properly before the remainder of the DART terminals undergo the upgrades. Key test areas that NATO reviewed were the ability to track inclined orbit satellites and fiber optic connectivity. Testing also included itemizing components, verifying the quality of work, and temperature cycling. Our guests didn’t have to endure the Vancouver rain, but did have to stand outside in close to zero degree weather while Norsat’s experienced production technicians ran through the extensive testing.

We are happy to report that after three days of rigorous testing that Norsat has received official Acceptance from NATO.