Norsat Sales Gathers for Strategic Learning Sessions

/Norsat Sales Gathers for Strategic Learning Sessions

Norsat Sales Gathers for Strategic Learning Sessions

2017-12-15T02:08:11+00:00 February 6th, 2015|Company News|

The Norsat Worldwide Sales Team was in Vancouver last week for our annual Sales and Marketing Conference. The three-day session included presentations from the Norsat executive, engineering, product marketing and marketing communications. Each of the satellite and microwave sales members outlined their territory and sales plans for the year as well.

Team members from our engineering and customer support conducted hands-on training including a demo of the 1.8M SigmaLink transportable satellite terminal and the LinkControl Software features such as the acquisition and control interfaces, pre-configurable user profiles and auto-detection capabilities for easy modem or bandwidth switching.

A good portion of the conference was dedicated to discussion around product roadmap and market/customer requirements, and how Norsat can continue to innovate in order to meet our customer needs.

For a break from the technical presentations, the sales and marketing department participated in the Marshmallow Challenge, a fun team building and instructional design exercise which encourages teams to work collaboratively, and think innovatively and creatively.

Congratulations to Sheri Morita, Microwave Product Manager and Stan Mullery, Norsat UK Sales on completing the challenge with their rendition of the Eiffel tower.

Conducting yearly sales training allows the sales and marketing teams to understand the strategic direction of the company and come together on a yearly basis to discuss sales. strategies in order to help the business move to the next level and achieve our desired results