Norsat’s series of SATCOM Baseband kits provide convenient, all-in-one tool kits for satellite system field deployments. Kits are available to support a variety of applications, and each includes the tools needed to maintain satellite connectivity. SATCOM Baseband kits include:

– Compact Fly-away Kits – Integrated fly-away kits packaged in two airline carry-on cases, these kits provide secure and non-secure communications via an Ethernet connection
– Emergency Communications Kits – Office-in-a box kits provide first responders with core office functions (computing, printing, scanning) and communications while operating in the field in emergency situations.
– Red/Black Gateway Kits – Converged IP gateway solutions for challenging environments in a compact, highly portable package. Simultaneous Red and Black connectivity support is provided from a single gateway unit.
Customized Baseband kits are available to meet specialized customer needs, please contact us for details on custom solutions.