CFK-100D Compact Flyaway Kit

/CFK-100D Compact Flyaway Kit

CFK-100D Compact Flyaway Kit

Spec Sheet


The Norsat CFK-100D is an integrated flyaway kit packed into two airline carry on cases. This high performance kit provides secure and non-secure communication capability via an Ethernet connection.

Key Features Include:CFK_100D

  • Laptop
  • BGAN terminal
  • Type 1 encryption PCMCIA Kit
  • Cisco 881 for Red and Black Network
  • VoIP support
  • Integrated power for all accessories
  • Microphone/headset
  • USB powered scanner
  • Extra hard drive for Red/Black operation
  • Optional configuration
  • Webcam, notebook, Microsoft LifeCam, Hi-Speed USB, 720p HD
  • Belkin USB Mini Hub Port