CFK-100E OTK Kit

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CFK-100E OTK Kit

Spec Sheet


The Norsat CFK-100E-OTK is an Outdoor Transmission Kit packaged in a modified transport case with an integrated cooler and external interface panel. All cable and accessories are packaged in the rugged transit case for portability.

Features include:

  • Integrated AC/DC Power Supply with UPS backupcfk_100e_otk
  • Provides conditioned DC power for BGAN and Cellular Modem
  • Sunshield and Active Cooling for operation in temperatures
  • up to 55°C
  • Lightweight (<48lbs with all optional equipment and batteries)
  • Weatherproof connectors for all external interfaces
  • LED indicators
  • Fast and Easy Set Up
  • BGAN Satellite Modem and Antenna (Optional)
  • Cellular Modem/Router and Antenna (Optional)
  • Backup Batteries (Optional)
  • Power and Interface cables for BGAN Terminal and Cellular Modem/Router