CIDU (Compact IDU)

/CIDU (Compact IDU)

CIDU (Compact IDU)


The next-generation indoor unit—the Norsat CIDU, is available with Norsat’s entire line of ultra-portable, transportable, vehicle mounted, and maritime satellite terminals.

With its customizable, modular design, and portable self-contained casing, the CIDU is ready to go anywhere the mission takes you.


The Norsat CIDU offers maximum flexibility and durability. Like all Norsat equipment, the CIDU is extensively tested to withstand the elements in even the most remote and austere environments. With its 19”, 2RU chassis, the Norsat CIDU can accommodate a variety of customized IDU configurations


With its modular, compact design, the Norsat CIDU can house a power supply, a Satellite Acquisition Assistant Module, and a variety of user-selectable modems. Some popular modems models that can be integrated with the CIDU include:

  • Radyne SkyWire
  • Radyne DMD 1050
  • iDirect 850e
  • Comtech CDM 570L