WAYFARER™ Commercial Fly-Away 1.2m

/WAYFARER™ Commercial Fly-Away 1.2m

WAYFARER™ Commercial Fly-Away 1.2m

  Spec Sheet


The Norsat WAYFARER™ Commercial 1.2m fly-away antenna is easy-to-use with fast setup and tool-free assembly. Available in auto-acquire or manual-acquire, the WAYFARER Commercial 1.2m fly-away antenna offers strong performance in an ultra-portable package. The WAYFARER 1.2m fly-away antenna is light-weight and rugged, making it an ideal terminal for commercial applications such as broadcast, oil and gas, mining, forestry, emergency response, and remote enterprises.


The WAYFARER 1.2m fly-away antenna is a fast deploying, user-friendly, and compact SATCOM VSAT. With an easy-to-use auto-acquire function, this antenna can be setup and transmitting in a matter of minutes.


  • Fast deployment
  • Easy-to-use
  • Tool-free assembly
  • Light-weight, rugged carbon fiber 1.2m reflector
  • Ku-band
  • Auto-acquire or manual-acquire available
  • Variety of RF options available

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