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Comms-on-the-Move Navigator™

Spec Sheet



The Norsat Navigator is a rugged, low-profile satellite terminal for communications on the move. With separate transmit and receive phased Array antenna technology, and built in Gyro and GPS, the Navigator provides continuous Satellite communication with highly efficient, high data rate connectivity. The Navigator includes Ext. Ku-Band service, enabling continuous connectivity for voice, video and data in rough terrain, even at highway speeds without antenna deployment delays.


The Navigator automatically acquires and tracks the desired satellite using open-loop and closed-loop tracking algorithms, interfacing with the user’s modem installed in the vehicle. With tough shock absorbing casing and Tx and Rx Phased Array panel for better transmission and reception, the Navigator is ideal for use in harsh conditions and challenging applications including on trains, Satellite news gathering (SNG), petroleum, Military deployment and any other application requiring communications on the move, without interruption.