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CONVOY™ 2.4m

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The Norsat CONVOY 2.4m is a Mil Std VSAT terminal with light weight composite fiber reflector antenna.Complete with Antenna Control Unit, and a Built in Beacon Tracker with Motorized and hand cranking operation, the CONVOY is ideal for real time news-gathering, military communications, disaster relief communications or any application requiring a rapidly deployable, easily transported communication solution.

Flexible and Easy to Use

The CONVOY is available in all of the following single bands: C band, Ext C band, Ku band, Ext Ku band, Ka Band, and X band. The terminal is also available in dual band for C and Ext Ku band, enabling usage of any band at one time. The CONVOY is easy to use and flexible in the field, with bands easily switched electronically, and no need for manual replacement.


  • Meets or exceeds CCIR and INTELSAT requirements
  • Auto deploy and Stow enables rapid deployment and storage
  • Position, deploy and gain a satellite lock in less than 2 minutes
  • Motorized polarization and adjustment
  • Three modes of control: auto, motorized and manual
  • Tracking accuracy better than 1/10 of receive 3 dB beam width