Auto Levelling Feature

Digital auto-levelling enables deployment on rugged terrain and uneven ground.


The RF package can be field swapped to quickly change the frequency bands and powers. For more information about Norsat SSPAs, please click here.

Carbon Fiber Antenna

The 6-segment antenna, available in 1.0 or 1.2m, is lightweight, portable and easy to assemble.

High Performance Feed

Multi-band feed options enable easy swapping in the field.

Segmented Boom Arm

The boom arm is segmented to easily fit into compact packaging. Patented integrated filters are included for X-band systems (Ku-band shown).

Universal LNB

The Universal LNB is functional in multiple frequency bands for easy frequency switching in the field. To learn more about LNBs, please click here.

Sunlight Readable Display

The ruggedized sunlight readable display is easy to view in all weather conditions, providing an interface through which to view and use LinkControl software.

Quad-pod legs

Elevated electronics keep equipment well above running water, snow & mud.

Base Unit

The base unit is fully integrated with the modem or encoder/modulator appropriate for your application, and houses a variety of control and positioning tools including the LNB controller, Power conditioning, motorized positioner, spectrum analyzer, compass, GPS, inclinometer and others. The Base unit can easily be removed from the system if required.

LinkControlTM Software

Installed on every GLOBETrekker system, LinkControl is the industry's most intuitive and powerful suite of satellite pointing tools. LinkControl features an intuitive GUI with automated one touch satellite acquisition, pre-configurable profiles for rapid deployment, component auto-detection for easy modem or bandwidth switching, a built in trouble shooting and resolution system, closed loop power to eliminate thermal variation, remote access from anywhere in the world, and much, much more. To learn more about LinkControl, please click here.

IATA Compliant Packaging

Hard packs, soft pack and backpack options are available for easy transportation in as little as 2 cases. Most system configurations are available with IATA Compliant packaging.