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Norsat’s LinkControl software offers an intuitive and powerful set of tools for satellite communications professionals and amateurs. Delivering a robust and complete package of acquisition and control interfaces, LinkControl empowers new users to run complex VSAT systems and enables professionals to work more efficiently in the field. LinkControl seamlessly integrates the various hardware and procedures into user friendly steps.  LinkControl features include:

  • Component auto-detection for easy modem or bandwidth switching
  • Pre-configurable user profiles
  • Compatibility with both Windows and MacOS
  • Step by step guidance for satellite acquisition


Novice operators can rely on the LinkControl suite of tools and procedures to guide them through the steps required to get a satellite system up and running with ease. Experienced operators and administrators can easily optimize the field experience by adjusting system set up options. LinkControl also automates many monitoring tasks.


LinkControl operates similarly on all supported systems, removing the need for users to learn multiple interfaces. Configurable systems auto-detect the components making switching bands or modems as easy as pressing a button. Administrators can configure profiles that will allow field users to switch configurations swiftly, without the need for extensive satellite communications expertise. LinkControl 7 runs on several operating systems including Windows and MacOS.


Using client-server architecture, LinkControl frees the user from being directly tied to a system. Clients can be run from devices on a local network, granting system access to multiple users the system at the same time; more remote users can also access the equipment given access to the same IP addresses. Specialty clients can also be deployed, which enhances the user experience; adding SNMP or Two-Button Interfaces.

LinkControl 7 Operator Interface

Manual Pointing Display

Spectrum Analyzer Display

Auto Acquire in Progress

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