Spec Sheet



The Norsat NewsLink™ is an extremely rugged transportable satellite terminal, designed explicitly for news gathering in challenging environments. Conveniently packaged in industrial cases and supported by advanced pointing tools, a reporter can set up and begin transmitting in a matter of minutes, without technical expertise.


The Norsat NewsLink™ system is field proven, rugged and reliable. With units continuously operating for more than eight years in locations including Afghanistan, Iraq, and Haiti, users rely upon the extreme durability of the NewsLink for broadcast quality transmission when it matters. NewsLink terminals have been deployed throughout sandstorms, earthquake aftermaths, arctic conditions and extreme rainfall, while continuing key broadcasts


Norsat’s LinkControl™ software seamlessly integrates all the tools needed for Satellite News Gathering with an easy to use interface and advanced capabilities. A software
process guides a user through the pointing process and controls the power of the amplifier. The easy to use SD and HD encoders are controlled through the unified user
interface. For experienced users, LinkControl provides advanced diagnostic and control capabilities, including spectrum analyzer, DVB receiver and Norsat’s profile management system.


Packaged in 3 highly rugged cases, a single person can easily move and deploy the system. With its tool-free setup and an intuitive deployment strategy, the NewsLink can be
set up and ready to transmit in a matter of minutes, leaving the user free to concentrate on reporting.