Spec Sheet


The ROVER™ is an ultra-lightweight fly-away satellite terminal with unsurpassed reliability, advanced assisted-acquire technology, and a flexible deployment platform. Available in both 1.0 and 1.2 m antenna sizes, the ROVER’s components can be tightly integrated for rapid deployment or separated into indoor and outdoor units for safe operation in dangerous terrain or situations. With IATA compliant packaging and a tool-free assembly process, the ROVER is easy to transport and operate, with military grade durability you can rely on wherever your mission takes you.


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Flexible Integration Options

The ROVER system is available in a variety of configurations, giving you the flexibility to choose the best fit for your your existing equipment, technical expertise, and deployment requirements.

Satellite Acquisition Assistant Integrated Base Unit Rackmount Systems
The Satellite Acquisition Assistant (SAA) is a satellite pointing tool kit available with the ROVER as a standalone unit in a rugged enclosure. The SAA includes Spectrum analyzer, Integrated GPS, inclinometer, compass, narrow band power meter, DVB/S(2) receiver, and LinkControl Software.

• Cost effective solution for experienced operators

• Ideal for redundant terminal solutions

• May be used to align other terminals

The SAA, power supply and a rugged satellite modem can be housed in an outdoor rated base unit. The base unit is completely integrated into the ROVER outdoor equipment in a compact and transportable configuration.

• All weather deployment – Electronics stored in outdoor rated enclosures (IP65)

• Ultra-light weight for easy transportation

• Integration ensures the most rapid set up and deployment

The ROVER can be supplied as an integrated rack mount solution in a variety of rack sizes. Rack mounted systems include a Compact Indoor Unit, SAA, laptop, power supply & space for any number of modems or encoders.

• Maximum flexibility- integrate nearly any component, including high power BUCs

• Rugged- rack units are supplied in ruggedized cases for transport and storage

 ROVER Key Features:

Assisted acquire technology LinkControl’s intuitive user interface guides users through the satellite acquisition process
Modular Architecture Components are field serviceable for easy maintenance
Easy tool free assembly Rapidly assemble & deploy without tools in under 15 min
Indoor/Outdoor deployment Safely deploy the ROVER in dangerous terrain or weather
Multi-band capability Ku, X, and Ka band kits available – field swappable in under 10 min
System integration Software integration and control supports widest variety of components
Built in trouble shooting Visible and audible alarms guide user through problem resolution
Military Grade Platforms have been tested to meet military specifications
Ultra lightweight packaging IATA compliant hard cases or backpack options available

 ROVER Assembly Demonstration