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Satellite Acquisition Assistant


Norsat’s SAA is a full-featured, lightweight, compact and ruggedized toolkit that provides an all-in-one convenient, cost effective solution for any satellite technician. Norsat’s SAA is the only tool required to quickly and accurately acquire a satellite lock. Powered by LinkControl, Norsat’s intuitive satellite terminal controller user interface, the SAA provides quick, simple and accurate satellite acquisition.

The Norsat SAA ToolKit

  • Spectrum analyzer.  Advanced Sat Comm professional tool allowing for enhanced precision during pointing and diagnostics.
  • Integrated GPS, inclinometer, and compass.  Provides all the bearing information needed to accurately find and point the terminal
  • Narrow band receiver.  Power level reading for quick check satellite indication
  • DVB receiver.  Positive lock for exact satellite acquisition confirmation.
  • Software Interface.  Intuitive native and web-based tools provide step by step guidance tools for pointing and advanced diagnostics tools

Intelligent. Flexible. Advanced.

Norsat’s LinkControl software provides enhanced diagnostic tools and an intuitive GUI to simplify the acquisition process. The SAA connects easily to your computer via Ethernet for both Windows and Mac operating environments. The SAA’s powerful on-board processor gives it the capability to control a variety of external components.