Spec Sheet



The Norsat SecureLink™ is a complete Ku-band portable satellite terminal integrating a Paradise modem for broadband IP data transmission (from 64 Kbps – 9 Mbps). The terminal is conveniently packaged into industrial cases.

With its simple setup and alignment procedure, staff with minimal training can have the SecureLink™ up and transmitting in just a matter of minutes.


The SecureLink™ is the first complete system to be designed from the groundup to deliver secure broadband data connectivity in a portable, rugged, and easy-touse package. Only Norsat offers a complete solution including a carbon fiber segmented antenna, aluminum tripod, Paradise modem, laptop controller, system power supply, and full Ku-band RF chain with SSPA that packs into just three airline checkable cases. Norsat is also the first in the industry to incorporate an easy-to-use graphical user interface for antenna alignment, spectrum analyzer, and transmitter and modem control.


Only the SecureLink™ provides a quick assembly antenna platform that can be setup in 5 minutes without tools. It comes complete with a compass, inclinometer, and GPS to aid in alignment. The sophisticated SecureLink™ software makes antenna alignment easy for even novice users through its alignment wizard, beacon detector, and built-in spectrum analyzer. To further simplify operation in the field, a full range of settings can be pre-configured in user selectable profiles before the SecureLink™ is sent out on an assignment. The SecureLink™ is truly changing portable satellite communications by eliminating the need to include an RF engineer on each assignment.