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wayfarerThe Norsat Wayfarer is an industrial strength fly-away satellite communication system built strong for the most demanding users working with the most challenging applications and environments. The Wayfarer is  fully automated, integrated, and versatile enough for deployment virtually anywhere, including mobile field offices, field vehicles, or directly on the ground.  A  complete satellite solution, the Wayfarer includes everything to meet your communication needs.

Fully Integrated

The Norsat Wayfarer includes a heavy duty motorized  azimuth/elevation powder coated steel superstructure, glass fibre reinforced polyester antenna (SMC), motorized  feed assembly, LNB, BUC, inclinometer, GPS, modem, Ethernet switch, and a system controller. Completely  assembled, the stowed chassis fits into the bed of a standard pickup for quick and effortless deployment.


With the push of a single button the Norsat Wayfarer  allows the user to easily point, acquire and peak on a  satellite, without the use of additional specialized tools.  The Wayfarer comes equipped with ‘built in intelligence’ that simplifies the acquisition process. With a fast acquire >time and simple setup, the Wayfarer can be easily  deployed without technical expertise.


The Norsat Wayfarer has been used extensively throughout many of the resource industries and has a  proven track record of success though hard rains, strong  winds, and other extreme environmental conditions.


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