It’s clear that Sinclair Technologies have been keeping themselves busy attending trade show after trade show…after trade show. Last week, Sinclair participated at the Talley Atlanta Open House and this week they had a technical seminar at the Talley – Phoenix location! Talley is a fantastic partner of Sinclair’s and it was great to be able to participate in these awesome events.

The Talley Atlanta Open House was filled with different vendors from all over the communications industry. The tented outdoor event included 24 key industry exhibitors, three industry-leading presentations, food, drinks, music, and hourly raffle prizes. More than 100 people attended the show which was a great turnout for the first Open House at the Atlanta location. The agenda included a welcome speed from Mark Talley, the President of Talley and Jill Sweeney, VP of LMR sales. Cyndi, Sinclair’s Western Sales Manager, exhibited at the show showcasing the latest in antenna and RF filter technology. It was a well-organized and interactive networking event!

The Sinclair Technologies & Times Microwave Technical Seminar was held on May 24, 2017. The free technical seminar was hosted at the Talley Phoenix office in their training room and ran from 8:30AM to 3:00PM. Sinclair’s Technical Sales Engineer, Jim Reville, put on an informative presentation on antenna basics, antenna types, new products, system design methodology and custom engineered systems. This seminar was shared with Times Microwave Systems who focused on cable basics, connectors, and testing products. Together, these top industry manufacturers put on an effective presentation with valuable information to a select group of industry professionals. Jim and Cyndi received all positive reviews from the seminar and are excited to see the material put to use. Thank you for attending the technical seminar!


Overall, the month of May consisted of a lot of travelling and networking for Sinclair. Our USA team has been busy this month with UTC, Talley Atlanta Open House and a Talley technical seminar. We do truly value our distributors and partners and we like to show our support to them whenever we can. So thanks to Talley for putting on two great events – we can’t wait to do them again next year!