Sinclair Technologies Engages in Quality Conversations at IWCE2016

/Sinclair Technologies Engages in Quality Conversations at IWCE2016

Sinclair Technologies Engages in Quality Conversations at IWCE2016

2017-12-13T08:25:15+00:00March 30th, 2016|Company News|

IWCEThe Sales and Marketing team from Sinclair Technologies, Norsat’s RF division, recently returned from the International Wireless Communications Expo held from March 21 – 25th at the Las Vegas Convention Center. This year’s show saw thousands of industry professionals come together to discuss the latest trends and topics in communications technology. With over 370 exhibitors in attendance, the general feeling was that this year’s event saw probably about 25% more traffic than the 2015 show.  Assisting in this uptake was the fact that the 2016 show was co-located with several other events including the Network infrastructure Forum, ETA’s Education Forum, Dynamic Spectrum Sharing Summit, as well as a Motorola partner event.

Hot topics at the 2016 show included FirstNet (First Responder Network Authority). FirstNet is to establish, operate, and maintain an interoperable public safety broadband network in the US. Congress allotted $7 billion and 20 MHz of valuable radio spectrum to build this network. “FirstNet’s request for proposal (RFP) should generate “fierce competition” for the right to build and maintain a nationwide public-safety broadband network,” stated one panelist.  Integrated with this discussion were sessions on how to deploy LTE within public safety and the integration of service, device and the network. LMR has been around for a long time, but LTE is fairly new to the industry. Our feeling is that LTE and LMR will co-exist for many years. Other areas of discussion included: various mission critical applications for public safety and the network interoperability among public safety agencies.

And there was no lack of energy or excitement at the Sinclair booth! Showcasing our new look for 2016, the booth was abuzz with customers, distributors and new prospects.



In our centerpiece product tower, Sinclair was showcasing some of our newest technologies including the SC251D 2.3dBd dual collinear omni antenna featuring low passive intermod performance with 35dB minimum isolation guaranteed. Fabricated using durable components, this series of antennas is designed and fabricated for ease of installation and to meet the most stringent wind and ice loading requirements. Due to its wide band, high average power and PIP (Peak Instantaneous Power) power handling capability, this antenna is ideally suited for VHF trunking applications or multi-channel operations. The reliability and durability of this antenna makes it suitable for mission critical applications such as public safety and law enforcement.

20160323_094022_resizedBoth at the our booth and IWCE’s Product Showcase, Sinclair highlighted the SM700, broadband multifunctional transport antenna which is specifically designed to address the need for a compact, low profile, broadband antenna that is truly universal. When used with a cross-band coupler, a single antenna can serve multiple discrete RF systems operating in the 694-6000MHz range. Designed to withstand harsh environments and constant vibration without compromising performance, the rugged SM700 series antennas are ideal for vehicular rooftop mounting. The SM700 offers easy installation with just one hole mount and greater protection against water ingression. The SM700 is ideal for public safety and transportation applications and we also engaged in multiple conversations about in-building uses.

The IWCE show provided an excellent opportunity for our team to connect with prospects, customers and partners who we haven’t seen in a while. The overwhelming sentiment from our customers is that they are happy with the quality and reliability of Sinclair products and the knowledge of our sales team – they like doing business with a well-established company. With prospects that stopped by the booth, we saw increased discussions on Sinclair’s systems design and customization capabilities.

Overall, the show was a huge success for the team and we will be busy following up with all of the leads we collected.

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