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Sentinel RMC Datasheet

Norsat’s Sentinel RMC (Remote site Monitoring and Control) is a Data as a Service platform ideal for any application that requires real-time data monitoring and control.  This complete end to end solution includes a ruggedized remote terminal unit (RTU) for data acquisition and management, communication services, hosting facilities, and an intuitive user interface to interpret data and establish notification patterns.

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By using a variety of communication services including satellite, mobile, terrestrial and others, Sentinel RMC provides data access from anywhere in the world using a service appropriate to your application. To learn more about this or other M2M solutions, please contact us.  The Sentinel RMC features:

  • A complete, managed, end to end system
  • Global coverage and support
  • Real-time stats from multiple monitoring inputs
  • Industry leading versatility in data capture
  • System and monitor alarms
  • Data access from anywhere in the world
  • Worldwide, 24x7x365 customer support


Remote Terminal Unit.  The RTU consists of a powerful, integrated processor, a data storage unit, and a wide variety of analog and discreet I/Os capable of providing advanced data management and control options.The RTU comes in a compact format that can be completely integrated into the your equipment shelf or exist as a separate standalone unit.  With a smart controller, a communications modem and an easy to use GUI, the RTU provides everything needed to connect to your end equipment.


 Communication Service.The optimal communication service is selected following an assessment of your needs to determine the most appropriate and cost effective back-haul service.  Service options include satellite service via S-Band, L-band, Ku-band, and Ka-Band, mobile, WiMax, wireless, terrestrial, point to point microwave & more


Hosting Facility. A hosting facility is included in the service for worry free data gathering and storage.  This hardened facility includes multiple data redundancies and back ups for security and disaster recovery.  Secure web browser access and client data storage remove the need for client IT assets, providing a safe, easy to use data storage solution.


 Customer Portal.  An intuitive web-based customer portal lets you view data, monitor thresholds and receive alarm notifications from anywhere in the world.  The portal is completely customizable, so you can manage multiple clients from a single interface, and provide service specific to your customers, and even to your customers’ customers.

M2M (machine to machine) technologies enable both wireless and wired systems to communicate with other devices of the same ability. These technologies provide excellent value in remote locations, where they reduce the expense associated with on location deployments, and provide flexible data capture, storage and management.  For more information about Norsat’s Sentinel RMC or other M2M Solutions, please contact us.  


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Sentinel RMC Datasheet

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