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Ka-Band LNBs

Low Noise Block (LNBs): Ka-BAND

Norsat’s Low Noise Blocks (LNBs) provide signal reception for satellite communications around the world. We offer premium performance and reliability in the smallest form factor possible. All of our standard Ku LNBs are backed by a 3 year warranty and nearly forty years of experience as the industry’s leading provider of high performance LNBs.

Norsat LNBs feature:

  • The industry’s best LO (Local Oscillator) stability
  • High performance for any application
  • Excellent availability and short lead times

We also offer custom LNB solutions, please contact us for details.

Norsat Model #Input Freq.(GHz)LO Freq.(GHz)Noise Fig/Temp. (dB)LO Stabilities Avail.LO Stab in (ppm)Gain Typ. (dB)
9000C Ka DRO20.20 – 21.2019.251.3±1 MHz3255
9000A-2 Ka DRO18.20 – 19.2017.251.5±2 MHz60
9000B-2 Ka DRO19.20 – 20.2018.251.5±2 MHz60
9000C-2 Ka DRO20.20 – 21.2019.251.5±2 MHz60
9000D-2 Ka DRO21.20 – 22.2020.251.5±2 MHz60
9000HA-2 KA PLL18.20 – 19.2017.251.3±40 kHz255
9000HB-2 KA PLL19.20 – 20.2018.251.3±40 kHz255
9000HC-2 KA PLL20.20 – 21.2019.251.3±40 kHz255
9000H-3 KA PLL17.70 – 21.2016.75-19.251.6±25 kHz to ±50 kHz1.4 – 2.658
9000HT-3 Ka PLL TRIPLE BANDAO:17.30 -18.30 A:18.30-19.30 B:19.30-20.2016.35 17.35 18.351.5±25 kHz260
9000XT-3 Ka EXT REF TRIPLE BANDAO:17.30 -18.30 A:18.30-19.30 B:19.30-20.3016.35 17.35 18.352.0Phase Locked to Ext Ref260
9000HX-O3b DUO PLL/EXTA:17.852-18.588 B:18.372-19,300A:16.8 B:17.41.5±10 Khz in PLL/10MHz Ext Ref if no oscillator present1.558
9000HX-O3b Ka Selectable BandA:17.852-18.588 B:18.372-19,300A:16.8 B:
9000XA-2 KA EXT REF18.20 – 19.2017.251.3Phase Locked to 10 MHz55
9000XB-2 KA EXT REF19.20 – 20.2018.251.3Phase Locked to 10 MHz55
9000XC-2 KA EXT REF*20.20 – 21.2019.251.3Phase Locked to 10 MHz55
9000XD Ka EXT REF**21.20 – 22.2020.251.4Phase Locked to 10 MHz56
9000X-3 KA EXT REF*AE:17.70-18.95 BE:18.95-20.20 B:19.20-20.20 C:20.20-21.2016.75 18.00 18.25 19.251.6Phase Locked to 10 MHz60
9000XH Ka Mil Spec*20.20 – 21.2019.25/19.201.3Phase Locked to 10 MHz60
9000XI Ka Isolated*20.20 – 21.2019.21.5Phase Locked to 10 MHz60
9000HD Ka PLL21.2 –± 70 KHz58
9000HA-4 Ka PLL18.20 – 19.2017.251.6±25 kHz to ±50 kHz60
9000HB-4 Ka PLL19.20 – 20.2018.251.6±25 kHz to ±50 kHz60
9000HC-4 Ka PLL20.20 – 21.2019.251.6±25 kHz to ±50 kHz60
9000HD-4 Ka PLL21.20 – 22.2020.251.6±25 kHz to ±50 kHz60
9000HE-4 Ka PLL17.20 – 18.2016.251.6±25 kHz to ±50 kHz60
9000XA-4 Ka18.20 – 19.2017.251.6Phase Locked to 10MHz60
9000XB-4 Ka19.20 – 20.2018.251.6Phase Locked to 10MHz60
9000XC-4 Ka20.20 – 21.2019.251.6Phase Locked to 10MHz60
9000XD-4 Ka21.20 – 22.2020.251.6Phase Locked to 10MHz60
9000XE-4 Ka17.20 – 18.2016.251.6Phase Locked to 10MHz60


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