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Block Upconverter (BUCs): Ka-BAND

Norsat’s Block Up Converter’s (BUCs) provide signal reception for satellite communications around the world. We offer premium performance and reliability in the smallest form factor possible. All of our standard Ku BUCs are backed by a 3 year warranty and nearly forty years of experience as the industry’s leading provider of high performance BUCs.

Norsat BUCs feature:

  • The industry’s best LO (Local Oscillator) stability
  • High performance for any application
  • Excellent availability and short lead times

We also offer custom BUC solutions, please contact us for details.

Norsat Model # Input Freq. Band (MHz) Output Freq. Band (GHz) Min Output Power (dBm) LO Frequency (GHz) Spectral Inversion Input Connector Nominal Gain (dB)
ATOMBKA025 *New* S:950-1450 M:1-2GHz S:29-30 M:30-31 44 Non-Inv N (Female) 65
ATOMBKA050 *New* S:950-1450 M:1-2GHz S:29-30 M:30-31 47 Non-Inv N (Female) 65
7020STE Ka 2W FULL MIL SPEC* 950-1450 100-2000 28-31 33 29.0 29.05 Non-Inv N (Female) 55
7040STE Ka 4W FULL MIL SPEC* 950-1450 100-2000 28-31 36 29.0 29.05 Non-Inv N (Female) 55
7020STC Ka 2W COMMERICAL* 950-1450 29.5-30.0 33 29.00 Non-Inv N (Female) 55
7040STC Ka 4W COMMERCIAL 950-1450 29.5-30.0 36 29.00 Non-Inv N (Female) 55
7005STC-O3b Ka 5W A:1052-1788 B:972-1871 A:27.652-28.388 B:28.172-29.071 35 A:26.60 B:27.20 Non-Inv N (Female) 58
7010STC-O3b Ka 10W A:1052-1788 B:972-1871 A:27.652-28.388 B:28.172-29.071 38 A:26.60 B:27.20 Non-Inv N (Female) 65
7020STC-O3b Ka 20W A:1052-1788 B:972-1871 A:27.652-28.388 B:28.172-29.071 42 A:26.60 B:27.20 Non-Inv N (Female) 65


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