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Power Solutions

Norsat Power Solutions specializes in providing turnkey, project specific Power Conversion and Energy Storage solutions for high integrity applications in the Utilities, Rail, Industrial Control, Transportation and Resource Sectors.

Norsat Power Solutions designs and integrates power systems for mission critical applications in hospitals, power generating plants, telecommunications and heavy industry. Norsat Power Solutions are the last line of defense in maintaining services such as 911, operating rooms, electric supply and other key infrastructure.

Industry Applications

  • Utility Switchgear
  • Telecommunications
  • Hospital
  • Industrial / Process Control

Power Conversion Solutions:

  • AC-DC power supplies and battery chargers
  • DC-DC converters
  • DC-AC pure sine wave inverters

Energy Storage Solutions:

  • Lead Acid Batteries, flooded (Selenium and Calcium) and VRLA (AGM and Gel electrolyte suspension)
  • 12V-480 VDC; 20-2000A; 7-3000Ah
  • 5-20 year design life options


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