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Energy Storage

Norsat Energy Storage Solutions for long life (5-20 years), high power (800kW), long duration (5 mins-240 hours) energy storage requirements. Our energy storage systems are configured to meet project specific and international approval requirements with engineered integration for guaranteed performance and single point of responsibility.

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Typical Applications

  • Remote site communications (off grid)
  • High/Low temp communications and control
  • High cycling control systems
  • Utility switchgear
  • Off-grid control
  • Stringent environment


  • Power: Battery Chargers, Power Supplies, Inverters and DC-DC Converters
  • Batteries: Flooded (Calcium and Selenium), VRLA (AGM and gelled electrolyte)
  • Mechanical: Racking (seismic optional), Cabinets, DC disconnect, spill containment, cabling

Product Range

  • Low voltage (Telco/Renewable) 24/48 (below SELV), utility level 125/250V and UPS 288-480VDC systems
  • 50-2000 Amp
  • 50-3000 Ah

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Product Literature

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