Contingency Planning and Business Continuity

Norsat portable satellite systems provide an ideal technology for an organization to re-establish communications links and continue operations following an unexpected business disruption (eg. due to a hurricane, terrorist attack, fire). Customizable to your specific application requirements, these portable satellite systems are light-weight, can be deployed quickly and can even be operated by non-technical personnel.

Norsat satellite systems are also a reliable option for establishing a highly cost-effective and practical mobile office that is to be activated in a safe location whenever there is a business disruption. Mobile offices are increasingly being considered as a viable alternative to “backup hot site” for two reasons: (i) backup hot sites tend to fill up quickly following a disaster and (ii) a particular backup hot site may not be accessible for many employees due to traffic disruptions. The latter was particularly true during the recent terrorist bombing in London.

Temporary T1 / E1 Link

Often businesses or mobile network operators need to install either a link or require additional capacity on very short notice (eg. special events). The delivery timeframes offered by providers of leased line operators and suppliers of digital microwave radio sometimes preclude the timely installation of additional capacity. Valuable revenue-generating opportunities may be lost and productivity severely hampered due to the long lead times associated with a T1 installation. Norsat’s portable satellite systems can effectively be used to bridge the “T1 delivery gap” because they can be ordered, shipped, assembled and operated within a much shorter time frame.

  • Remote Office
  • Enteprise Risk Mitigation / Business Continity
  • Asset Tracking
  • Site Security
  • Video Conferencing
  • VIP Travel


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