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Satellite Locator App

Android app on Google PlayNorsat’s Satellite Locator App, available for iPhone and Android, enables users to locate geostationary satellites, assess obstructions in the line of sight and point satellite ground terminals.  The App is available as a free download on both the AppStore and Google Play.  The customizable application overlays a spatially accurate arc of satellites on the mobile phone or tablet screen, and includes a complete almanac of satellite information.  To use the App:

  1. Launch the application and point the device at the sky to view an easy to understand graphical display of all geostationary satellites in the direction it is pointed. 
  2. Sweep the device across the sky to identify the elevation and direction of the satellite you wish to use, and use the almanac to find more information, including orbital position, azimuth, and polarity.  
  3. Visually identify any obstructions viewed between the device and the satellite, changing your position or moving the obstruction, in order to achieve a satellite lock.  

The Satellite Locator has an intuitive user interface, and a complete satellite almanac, which can be viewed in the screen shots below.  For more information about the Satellite Locator or other smartphone applications, please contact us.

To see the Satellite Locator in action, please see the demo video below.


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