Special Pricing on NewsLink™ Satellite Terminals

/Special Pricing on NewsLink™ Satellite Terminals

Special Pricing on NewsLink™ Satellite Terminals

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Just announced:  We’re now offering the NewsLinkTM Satellite Terminal, one of Norsat’s most rugged and field tested products, at an incredible value.  Please contact us for details and availability.

NewsLinkTM terminals are fully integrated Satellite News Gathering Systems, which have been used around the world including deployments in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Haiti. Users have come to rely on the terminals’ extremely durability and ruggedness for operation throughout sandstorms, earthquake aftermaths, arctic conditions, and extreme rainfall.  These tough units have withstood falls and drops, and been thoroughly beaten up while continuing important broadcasts, and are ideal for any situation where ruggedness is needed.

Norsat NewsLinkTM terminals are available as completely integrated systems or simple Outdoor Units (ODU).  For complete product specifications, please see the datasheet below or contact us for pricing and details.

NewsLinkTM Technical Specifications

Happy NewsLinkTM customers include Canadian Broadcast network CTV, and independent news broadcaster, Disaster Truck.

“We have already put this unit through the harshest test of service in Kandahar and if its performance there was any indication we will be on the air from, well anywhere, for years to come.”
Dave Alexander
ENG Operations Manager, CTV

 “I have used Norsat satellite terminals to cover many other newsworthy events including the earthquakes in Haiti and Chile (2010), and have always found Norsat equipment to be rugged and reliable enough to function in any of these varying environmental conditions.”
Roger Hawkins
President, Disaster Truck

NewsLinkTM special pricing is only available while stock is available, so please contact us for availability and details.

NewsLinkTM  used for first ever news broadcast from Mt. McKinley, Alaska


NewsLinkTM deployed in Kuwait


NewsLinkTM deployed by Disaster Truck  to report on the Chilean Mine Rescue 2010


Disaster Truck in Haiti, following the 2010 earthquake.