Staff Alignment – Norsat Executive Present to Staff

/Staff Alignment – Norsat Executive Present to Staff

Staff Alignment – Norsat Executive Present to Staff

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After every quarterly earnings release the Norsat executive take the time to present the quarterly financial and business performance, along with departmental updates to the Norsat staff.

Quarterly All Hands meetings provide an excellent avenue to get all staff on the same page and remind employees of the corporate objectives and strategies because sometimes the big picture is lost in the details of everyone’s daily work day. Messages from leadership are more powerful when delivered in person as opposed to an email. At the All Hands meeting information is easily shared and won’t get lost in employee’s Inbox.

During this meeting the CEO also takes the time to recognize employees for a job well done. Individuals can be nominated by their peers for a R.I.D.E.R award (Responsiveness, Integrity, Dedication, Entrepreneurialism, and Resourcefulness). Management reviews the quarterly submissions and then rewards the selected individuals.SAM_0467

At the end of the All Hands a small social gathering allows employees to mingle and encourages interaction between employees and departments that may not work or see each other very often.

Overall, the Norsat All Hands meeting yields several benefits and is an excellent tool that the executive use to foster stronger communication and transparency throughout the organization.