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GLOBETrekker on Display at DSEI: The World’s Leading Defense & Security Event

Located in London, DSEI attracts over 34,000 people including Defense Ministers, International Military and Armed Forces, key industry players, and private sector companies. Norsat participated at DSEI under the Canadian Pavilion in hall N4. It was four days of action-packed seminars, new technology, and unique exhibits. DSEI is a large and significant show representing the entire supply chain for defense and security.

Norsat’s VP of Sales and Marketing, Brian Donnelly, and Business Development EMEA Manager, Olivier Scorsipa, worked the show floor and had discussions with defense prime contractors and end users alike including BAE, L3, Babcock, the Belgium Navy, and NATO. It was great to exhibit at a European show and to highlight Norsat products to the European market. On display at Norsat’s booth (#N4-114) was the GLOBETrekker satellite terminal, ATOM series BUCs and SSPAs, and Norsat’s popular LNB products. Visitors showed great interest in all products and were excited to see such powerful and compact products.

On the satellite terminal side, visitors expressed much interest in the OTM solutions and naval maritime terminals that Norsat offers, especially the WGS compliant (soon to be fully certified) 1.5m COM15X. Norsat’s MarineLink COM series are high performance antennas provided in Ka, Ku, and C bandwidths and are ideal for naval applications. The COM systems offer the highest reception gain available on the market and are user-friendly. Naval forces were very interested in the COM series terminals as they were easily customizable and could provide a solution for strategic and complex naval projects.

On the microwave/satellite components side, the DO-160 certified ATOM BUCS were a big hit as attendees were looking for solutions for airborne SATCOM applications. The ATOM series of BUCs/SSPAs offer low SWaP and are up to 85% smaller than equivalent BUCs. The ATOM series is an excellent choice for OTM applications such as airborne, maritime vessels, unmanned ISR, ground vehicles, and manned aircraft. ATOM customers came by the Norsat booth and provided lots of positive feedback for the ATOM BUCs and SSPAs. They rated the product as high quality and durable. 

Overall, DSEI was a fantastic show! Lots of highly regarded people attended the show and the technology on display was amazing. It was great to have Norsat represented in the world’s largest defense and security event and we hope to attend DSEI again in 2019!

Norsat in Full Force at Premier International Conference for Military Communications

Posted on Friday, November 6

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Norsat participated in the 34th annual Milcom 2015 show last week in Tampa, Florida. Milcom is the premier international conference for military communications. “Leveraging Technology – The Joint Imperative” was the theme for this year’s event and there was no shortage of interesting and educational keynotes, panels and technical sessions that explored and defined the benefits that joint-level collaboration brings to current and future communication challenges and addressed the critical role communications plays in military readiness and operations.

The Tampa location is ideal for this discussion, with close proximity to the MacDill Air Force Base military community, U.S. Special Operations Command (SOCOM), U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) and the 6th Air Mobility Wing. MILCOM offers industry the opportunity to discuss communications technologies and services with decision makers from all branches of the armed forces, the Department of Defense, federal agencies and multinational forces.

Norsat’s satellite sales team was in full force showcasing several of our top satellite communications solutions: GlobeTrekker 2.0, the world’s most intelligent fly-away satellite terminal; Rover, Norsat’s ultra-lightweight fly-away satellite terminal; CFK-100E compact fly-away kit; CFK-4200 Emergency Communications Kit; and the ATOM series of Block Upconverters (BUCs) and Solid State Power Amplifiers (SSPAs). Norsat was excited to talk to customers and saw considerable interest from customers on our new low Ku-band BUCs designed for use with the FSS Appendix 30B satellite links.IMG_6537



During the show, Norsat met up with Ken Murphy at the iDirect social event on Tuesday night. Ken was a long-term Norsat portable terminal customer that has now moved on to work for Comtech as their Director of Government Programs. Ken was working in Belgium when his teams deployed Norsat’s 1.8m and 2.4m SigmaLink terminals and 1m compact Rover terminals for allied forces in the region. It was great to catch up with Ken and we wish him the best of luck in his new role.

USB Recovery: Don’t Be Left in the Dark!

Posted on Tuesday, May 21

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We all know that despite our best laid plans, sometimes things can go wrong. Read the following scenarios to find you why you should have USB recovery! 

You find yourself on the graveyard shift all alone. It’s the middle of the night so you decide to learn more about your satellite system. After opening up its GUI, you spend some time exploring the various options and tabs. Unexpectedly, the system crashes. You retrace your steps, wondering which button you could have pressed or where you went wrong. You restart the system and attempt to find the correct profile- but you can’t remember what it was. What do you do in this situation?

 You were required to send your terminal ahead of your field force. Although the depot is secure, it is possible that someone could access your system and discover which satellites you are utilizing and at which frequencies. For security reasons, you ship them set to their factory defaults and rely on your field force to program them upon arrival on site. They have been trained and they have instructions, but their arrival has been delayed. The communications are needed now so you will have to remotely train whoever is available. Shouldn’t there be a better way?

 You must add another profile and configuration to all 20 of your systems. How do you ensure that they are configured rapidly, effectively and consistently across the board?

Answer: USB Recovery!

USB Recovery acts as your personal technical support resource which will set up, repair or reconfigure your system. It allows you to reset your system to your own unique default settings. USB recovery ensures that the right profiles are loaded into your terminal and that the system is configured correctly each time, eliminating human error.

Norsat’s USB Recovery feature is standard on GlobeTrekker and Rover terminals. Simple to use, this feature gives you confidence that your terminals can be deployed and configured to your specifications.

LinkControl Software: Working with LinkProfiles

Posted on Friday, May 17

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 LinkControl software is an intuitive and powerful suite of satellite pointing tools.Learn about what LinkProfiles can do and how it makes satellite acquisition easy in a variety of situations.


Satellite 2013: Thanks for joining us!

Posted on Tuesday, March 26

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We had a great turn out at Satellite 2013, and wish to thank all of our customers and visitors for stopping by and giving us valuable feedback. It was great to see you and we value your loyalty and support.  A few highlights from the event include:

  • The announcement of our new partnership with O3b and the unveiling of our first product designed for O3B’s new network.  We had a great response the news of our O3b BUC launch and many of you were surprised and excited to see a COTS product 2 months before service launch.  We were pleased to show the same BUC that will be powering a large maritime deployment in the summer of 2013.
  • The debut demonstration of our newly launched GLOBETrekker 2.0 fly-away satellite terminal.  We were pleased to see that GLOBETrekker was star of the booth, with many military and civilian organizations interested in its portable yet rugged design, easy-to-use interface, and multiple band support. 
  • LinkControl software, which supports most of our satellite terminals, was available to demo alongside GLOBETrekker, and proved to be particularly popular due to its feature rich capabilities and easy to use interface.  LinkControl now includes an automated troubleshooting system; and you can see this system in action, in our brand new video demo.
  • In January this year we launched Sentinel RMC, an M2M solution designed for remote site monitoring and control in the Oil & Gas industry, and Satellite 2013 was our first chance to show off its capabilities.  We are extremely proud of this turnkey solution and very pleased with the positive response from visitors.

Next month we’ll be attending NAB in Las Vegas, so if you missed us at Satellite, make sure you stop by Booth SU3404 at NAB to say hello, or contact us to schedule a meeting.

Event Photos of Norsat at Satellite 2013

Busy Norsat booth






LinkControl Software: Automated Trouble-shooting

Posted on Friday, March 22

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LinkControl™ software includes an automated trouble-shooting and resolution system to mitigate any unexpected glitches that arise as you deploy your terminal in the field.  Whether it’s a disconnected cable, a faulty component, or an unavailable satellite, watch how LinkControl makes identifying and correcting problems easy.

To learn more about LinkControl software and its powerful suite of satellite pointing tools, please contact us.

What is Automatic Levelling and why is it amazing?

Posted on Wednesday, February 27

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In the Sesame Street generation we were constantly exposed to a multitude of 30 second educational snippets and taught (or maybe programmed)  to absorb copious quantities of material in a short amount of time. Unfortunately the side effect of being nurtured in an era of 30 second infomercials is that our attention spans are just as short.

When it comes to deploying a satellite terminal, there are many steps to perform and we have very little patience for each (even if one has an auto acquire terminal). Anything that can aid in speeding up a deployment by reducing the number of interactive steps involved is beneficial. Auto-levelling is that benefit.

What is auto levelling? Well in 30 seconds or less… Auto levelling accounts for the un-even position of the terminal by automatically compensating for the inclination of the reflector while the system is adjusting the azimuth. Auto leveling means you have one less thing to pay attention to when setting up your terminal. You don’t have to worry that the ground is perfectly flat or even relatively flat, you just need firm ground on which to put your terminal.  No need to worry that your terminal will miss the satellite.


Now the longer version…. The process of setting up your satellite terminal usually consists of the following steps

  1. Pick a location that ensures a clear line of site to the satellite and somewhat level.
  2. Level your terminal
  3. Adjust the polarity
  4. Adjust the Inclination 
  5. Adjust Azimuth
  6. Fine tune the polarity
  7. Fine tune the Inclination 
  8. Fine tune the Azimuth

Many auto-acquire terminals focus on steps 3 – 8 and as far as I know step one will always be performed by a human.That leaves levelling.

Levelling is important mainly because you only have a few degrees of variance to actually hit the satellite. In many auto-acquire systems, the polarity is set first followed by the setting of the angle of inclination. Once the polarity and the inclination are set, the system will adjust the Azimuth. If the terminal does not have auto-levelling, then the reflector will rotate along the plane of the set inclination. That means that as your unlevelled terminal rotates you will have a high side and a low side in your plane of rotation; in other words your dish will be aiming closer to the ground at one point of the rotation and aiming higher at the other side. The variance between the high point and low point could make the difference between hitting the satellite and not. Auto-levelling accounts for the angled plane of rotation. That is, while your dish is rotating and moving towards the low side, the system will compensate by increasing the inclination and vice versa.

Norsat’s newly launched GLOBETrekker 2.0 includes auto-acquire and auto-levelling technology to provide quicker setup times, and more accurate and consistent alignment. For more information about GLOBETrekker or auto-levelling, please contact us.

Norsat NewsFlash February 2013

Posted on Wednesday, February 20

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Introducing Sentinel RMC: Satellite M2M Solution


We’re pleased to announce our entry into the world of M2M (machine to machine) Solutions, with the launch of Sentinel RMC, a complete global end-to-end solution that includes equipment and communication services. Sentinel enables customers to monitor remote sites in real time, gaining operational efficiencies and improving safety.  Click to learn more about how Sentinel RMC, and  M2M solutions can help your business.

GLOBETrekker™ 2.0: Intelligent. Easy to use. Tough.


Introducing GLOBETrekker™ 2.0, our upgraded auto-acquire, fly-away satellite terminal!  New features include an easy to use one-touch interface, automatic levelling for all terrain deployments, field swappable components for maximum flexibility and more.  GLOBETrekker continues to use LinkControl’s powerful suite of user configured profiles to make field set up easy.  To learn more about GLOBETrekker 2.0, click here.

Norsat Microwave goes Airborne

As regulations for in-flight connectivity change, we know you expect to remain online wherever you are, even at 30 000 feet.  To meet this need, we’re now offering airborne BDCs and will soon introduce a full airborne product portfolio, including LNBs.  To learn more about the emerging airborne market and what we’re developing next, click here.

Customer Service in Action

Our customer support engineers provide 24x7x365 technical assistance to ensure your mission critical communications needs are met anytime, anywhere.  Recently they faced a challenge providing a communication link from Tonga, and succeeded in finding a creative solution despite a 48 hour deadline.  Read about their great work here.

New support resources: FAQs


We work hard to provide you with the very best customer support, so when you request online FAQs we make it happen!  You can now look online to find your top microwave product and satellite system questions answered, including tips for setup, installation, and troubleshooting.  Don’t see your question included?  Contact us and we’ll do our best to help and add it in.

Upcoming Events….

Spring is Event Season at Norsat, and we’d love for you to join us at any of these events.  Please contact us to set up a meeting, or just stop by to say hello!

Fort Belvoir IT Expo 
Date: Mar 07, 2013
Location: Ft. Belvoir VA
Join us at this military based expo of exciting new technology.

Date: Mar 12 – 14, 2013
Location: Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Center
Booth: B2-42
We’ll have an SNG ROVER terminal on display, so come say hello at CABSAT.

Satellite 2013
Date: Mar 19 – 21, 2013
Location: Washington, D.C.
Booth: 5109,
Register for free with VIP Code NOR253, and visit us to see the new GLOBETrekker 2.0 and Sentinel RMC in action. 

UN/Red Cross Overseas Market Introduction
Date: March 20-22, 2013
Location: Geneva, Switzerland

NAB Show 2013
Date: Apr 08 – 11, 2013
Location: Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, Nevada
Booth: SU3404
Register for free with VIP code LV4299 and meet us at NAB to see our latest microwave solutions.

Oil & Gas Libya 2013
Date: Apr 22 – 25, 2013
Location: Tripoli International Fairground
We will be exhibiting with our partners at Digital Group, please contact us for details. 


Join Norsat for these Spring 2013 events

Posted on Wednesday, January 30

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Spring is trade show season at Norsat, and this year we’re going to some great events.  If you’re attending Marine West, CABSAT, Satellite or NAB 2013, make sure you stop by the Norsat booth to say hello, see our latest technology on display or speak with one of our communications experts.  Please contact us to set up a meeting during any of these shows, or see below for more details.

Norsat Marine WestMarine West 2013

Location: Marine Corps Base, Camp Pendleton, CA
Booth: 537
Date: Feb 13-14, 2013

Marine West showcases the latest technology and prototypes aimed at preparing today’s Marines for the opportunities and challenges of the 21st Century.  Norsat will be demonstrating our most rugged and field proven satellite terminals, ideal for mission critical military communications.  Join us at booth 537 or contact us to arrange a meeting.



Location: Dubai, UAE, Dubai World Trade Centre
Booth: B2-42, Hall 2
Date: March 12 – 14, 2013

CABSAT is the  most well established and respected trade platform for the broadcast, digital media and satellite sectors across the Middle East, Africa and Southern Asian regions.  We will be demonstrating a fly-away ROVER satellite terminal with full SNG capabilities, so join us to take a look at what’s new and speak with our local sale representative.  Registration is free, so click here to sign up today

SAT_logoSatellite 2013

Location: Washington DC,Walter E. Washington Convention Center
Booth: 5109
Date: March 19-21, 2013

The Satellite 2013 Exhibition brings together thousands of communications professionals in the satellite community to explore next generation products and technology, including Norsat’s latest and greatest offerings.  We will display our newly re-designed and upgraded GLOBETrekker™ 2.0, demonstrate our brand new M2M Solution, Sentinel RMC, and showcase the latest microwave technology.  Use VIP Code NOR253 to register for Satellite 2013 for FREE, or contact us to set up a meeting.

NAB_logosmallNAB 2013

Location: Las Vegas Convention Center, Nevada
Booth: SU3404
Date: April 8 -11, 2013

NAB brings together the widest variety of communications industry players, who come for creative inspiration and to learn about next-generation technologies.  Norsat will be displaying a variety of cutting edge broadcast equipment and service options at NAB, so register now to join us..

Distributor Focus: Spectrum

Posted on Saturday, September 15

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Norsat works with a variety of channel partners, including Spectrum Communications Systems, to bring our satellite communication solutions to customers around the world.  Spectrum supplies satellite terminals to the Asia-Pacific region, and their excellent customer service and end to end solutions set them apart from the competition.To learn a little more about Spectrum, check out their profile below.

Company Name:  Spectrum Communications Systems, Inc.

Mission/Vision Statement:  Spectrum Communications provides professional sales, marketing, system integration, and after-sale support to North American and European manufacturers of satellite communications, wireless, and fiber optic products, serving the Chinese and Mongolian infrastructure development markets.

Began working with Norsat in: 2008

Markets Served: China (including Hong Kong and Macau) and Mongolia

Who are your major customers?

We operate in a wide variety of industries including broadcast, emergency communications, and all vertical markets that require satellite communications and fiber applications. Our products include traditional satellite communications, as well as large and small terminals.  Our major customers include Provincial TV Stations, CCTV, Broadcast system integrators, Satellite operators, Beijing TV, telecoms system integrators, and satellite network operators.

What are the challenges of working in these markets and how do you overcome them? 

We find that there’s a lot of tough competition from local manufacturers and so competing on price alone can be difficult.  However, our long term reputation for providing responsive sales assistance and after-sale support enables us to offer high quality, high performance products, which are especially appealing to our customers working in mission critical environments.  We provide extra services many of our competitors don’t, including scheduling of deliveries, import documentation assistance, product delivery, and system installation and testing, so we provide a much more complete solution than many of our competitors.  Additionally, we have a 20 year track record of success in China, so customers know they can depend on us to provide reliable products along with a high level of support. 

What are the benefits of working in these markets?

Working in developing markets is exciting because growth potential is phenomenal, and we’re certainly experiencing better than average market growth right now.

Which Norsat products do you carry? 

We carry a range of Norsat satellite terminals, the most popular of which, is the GLOBETrekker™.  We’ve found that customers really like the GLOBETrekker™ because of its ultra-portability, flexible configuration, and rugged design. The fact that the terminal can be shipped in IATA compliant packaging is really important to many of our customers, and is often a key selling feature.



What are your strategic sales goals for the future?

We hope to continue to assist Norsat in developing successful future products, increasing sales coverage, and gaining share in more vertical markets.  It’s been very helpful to have a Norsat sales director for the Asia-Pacific region (Dan Dia-Tsi-Tay) to support our efforts in China and Mongolia.

For more information about Spectrum, and the Norsat products they carry, please click here or use the contact details below.

Contact Details

US Head Quarters
Frank Blaha: 1-702-897-8846
2994 Marble Cliff Court
Henderson, NV
Beijing Office
Oliver Wang: 86-10-8251-1307/8/9
Cyber Tower A, Suite 1803
No. 2 Zhong Guan Cun South Avenue
Haidian District, Beijing 100088, China

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