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Sinclair Actively Supports USA Distribution Partner, Talley

It’s clear that Sinclair Technologies have been keeping themselves busy attending trade show after trade show…after trade show. Last week, Sinclair participated at the Talley Atlanta Open House and this week they had a technical seminar at the Talley – […]

2017-11-15T03:28:22+00:00 May 26th, 2017|Company News|

Sinclair Technologies & Times Microwave Technical Seminar

Talley Inc. is proud to host a FREE technical seminar from two of the top industry manufacturers. This one-day event will focus on cable, connectors and prepping along with other Times lightning protection products. Sinclair will focus on antenna, filter […]

2017-11-15T07:13:11+00:00 May 3rd, 2017|Company News|