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A new white paper is available for download! Written by Michael Schefter, Chief Scientist and Mehdi Ardavan,  RF Design Engineer at Norsat International, the paper reflects on understanding and quantifying the differences between GaN and GaAs amplifiers and the Impact on System […]

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Norsat Article Featured in Microwaves & RF: What Makes Ka-band Systems Tick?

Norsat’s article titled, “What Makes Ka-band Systems Tick?”, was featured in the March 2018 issue of Microwaves & RF. Written by Norsat’s Chief Scientist, Michael Schefter, the article explores the advantages and disadvantages of using Ka-band satellites. It focuses […]

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ARTICLE: Improving Your Signal and Mitigating Downlink ASI Effects in Ground Satellite Terminals

Norsat’s article, “Improving Your Signal and Mitigating Downlink Adjacent Satellite Interference Effects in Ground Satellite Terminals” was published in the recent issue of Global Military Communications magazine. This article outlines the challenges of downlink ASI in ground terminals as […]

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ARTICLE: Overcoming C-band Satellite Interference

Norsat’s article, “Overcoming C-band Satellite Interference”, was featured in the October 2017 issue of Microwave Product Digest. Written by Norsat’s Microwave Sales Manager, Douglas Chun, this article discusses the issues in the rising popularity of C-band and […]

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ARTICLE: BUC and SSPA SWaP Considerations for Communications on the Move

Norsat’s article, “BUC and SSPA SWaP Considerations for Communications on the Move”, was featured in the June 2017 issue of Microwave Product Digest. Written by Norsat’s Product Manager, Daniel Lopez, this article explores design considerations in both […]

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