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Sinclairity eNewsletter – June 2017

Technical experience doesn’t come overnight. Sinclair has been in the antenna design and manufacturing business for over 60 years and has seen just about everything when it comes to antennas and RF filter products. Our technical expertise, product reliability, and customer service are what keeps our customers coming back. So in this issue of Sinclairity, we focused on providing you with technical articles and case studies where we went above and beyond for our customers. We are excited to design and build products to meet the unique challenges that our customers face. Thank you for reading our Sinclairity newsletter and as always, if you have any questions, we are happy to help!


SM701 Series Transportation Antenna

Sinclair’s SM701 series of transportation antennas are specifically designed to address the need for compact, low profile, broadband antennas used in a harsh environment. The antenna provides excellent performance with or without a ground plane, which provides a truly universal solution. The SM701 antennas can serve multiple radio systems operating at different frequencies at the same time with the addition of a crossband coupler expansion kit. This antenna comes with a 1’ pigtail on the RF antenna port and the GPS port comes with a 16.4’ pigtail. To learn more about the SM701, click here.


TECHNICAL WORKSHOP: Sinclair Offering Complimentary Two-Day Workshop on Antennas and RF Filter Products

We are offering a complimentary two-day technical workshops at the Sinclair office and factory at 85 Mary Street in Aurora, Ontario (click for directions). The workshops is two full days and will take place on June 28 and 29 from 8:30AM-3:30PM.

Wednesday June 28, 2017 – PART I: Antennas and Antenna Theory

Thursday June 29, 2017 – Part II: RF Filter Products and Accessories

The enhanced 2017 training will cover:

  • All aspects of antenna and RF filter products
  • Demonstrations on how to test and tune filter products
  • Discussions with technical experts and a Q&A

CASE STUDY: Custom Duplexer Designed for Law Enforcement Off Road Vehicle Fleet 

Access to reliable communication equipment is essential for law enforcement agencies where a short response time is critical in what could be a life or death scenario. Sinclair Technologies understands that reliability is always a major consideration in the design process for public safety products. A key law enforcement agency presented a requirement for a high-performance, ruggedized duplexer to operate in a challenging on and off road environment within very compact space constraints.Click here to read the case study.

CASE STUDY: Radiometrics Partners with Sinclair Technologies to Design Custom Antenna

Radiometrics (through its recently acquired DeTect Meteorological Systems Group) was selected to replace the aging troposphere/stratosphere Radar Wind Profiler (RWP) system at NASA Kennedy Space Center. At the time, NASA was utilizing weather balloons to determine winds aloft, and loosely relying on their old RWP system as a backup. NASA heavy-lift community’s interest in precise, current winds spurred the need for the new RWP system. This replacement project is expected to last for the next 20 years. Click here to read the case study.

CASE STUDY: Sinclair Helps NAV Canada Safely Move Millions of Aircraft

NAV CANADA’s radar coverage of Hudson Bay was limited to line-of-sight (LOS) and did not cover the entire Hudson Bay area. The Company used VHF communication sites around Hudson Bay and HF communications for areas that were not covered by VHF. During a testing phase, the system produced a result that was less than expected as the coverage was effected by ice buildup on the antenna. Sinclair Technologies was approached to provide a high gain antenna that would be able to withstand ice buildup and to provide the needed coverage. Click here to read the case study.

VIDEO: How to Tune a TXC Combiner

In this video, Sinclair Technologies Engineer, Mike Macki details the steps to tune a Combiner from the TXC family of Products.

Mike shows you the tools and the proper process to accurately tune step by step a Combiner and you can see simultaneously the results on the Network Analyzer. Click here to view this video on YouTube

Antenna Installation and Clamps

Antennas are sensitive pieces of equipment and can be easily damaged if installed incorrectly. If the antenna is not installed correctly, the antenna can shift position which can result in poor performance, excessive vibration, and material fatigue. The antenna should be straight and mounted in a sturdy fashion; it should have minimal movement and should stay as still as possible. The source of a reduced coverage area could be a result of several factors, but it is important to first look at how the antenna was installed and the clamps used. Click here to read the blog post.

Photo Contest Winner Announced

Congratulations to Ron McFadyen, President of the Yukon Amateur Radio Association for winning Sinclair’s photo contest! This photo was taken on Mount Decoli, near the Haines Junction in Yukon, Canada. Thanks Ron for the great photo and your $100 Amazon gift card is on its way.

We received some amazing photos and we would like to thank everyone who participated.Thank you for supporting Sinclair products and for taking the time to enter our photo contest!


Sinclair Displays Top Products at Critical Communications World in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is the epicenter of thriving new technology and innovation. It was a great location for Critical Communications World (CCW) and attracted attendees from all over the world. With over 175+ exhibitors, Sinclair Technologies exhibited at CCW with their Hong Kong partner, Telegence (Asia). Read the full blog post by clicking here.


Sinclair Actively Supports USA Distribution Partner, Talley

It’s clear that Sinclair Technologies have been keeping themselves busy attending trade show after trade show…after trade show. Recently, Sinclair participated at the Talley Atlanta Open House and hosted a technical seminar at the Talley – Phoenix location! Talley is a fantastic partner of Sinclair’s and it was great to be able to participate in these awesome events. Read the full blog post by clicking here.

On the Road at UTC Telecom & Technology Show

Another trade show in the books! Sinclair Technologies exhibited at the UTC Telecom & Technology trade show in Charlotte, North Carolina. Both Sal (Director of Sales, USA) and Cyndi (Western Sales Manager, USA) attended the show and said that it was a good event with lots of great energy. Read the full blog post by clicking here.

Sinclair Showcases at TESSCO ONE Open House

The two-day show was put on by our excellent partner TESSCO and included an exhibition floor, knowledge sessions, and keynote speakers. Thousands of wireless industry professionals gathered together for this event as it was a great opportunity to network and to learn about the latest developments in wireless technology. The show was very busy for our US Director of Sales and Marketing, Sal Farina, as he was constantly meeting direct customers and resellers. Overall, it was a successful show and we look forward to participating again in 2018 in Charleston, NC. Read the full blog post by clicking here.

Upcoming Shows

Sinclair Technical Workshop

Event Date: Jun. 28-29, 2017
Event Location: Aurora, ON


Event Date: Aug. 13-16, 2017
Event Location: Denver, CO
Booth Number: 1633

RRSI Railway Interchange

Event Date: Sep 17-20, 2017
Event Location: Indianapolis, IN
Booth Number: 2518

APCO Canada

Event Date: Nov. 6-9, 2017
Event Location: Windsor, Ontario
Booth Number: TBA

Click here to see the full list of upcoming trade shows.

Networking with the Movers & Shakers of Asia’s ICT Sector

Posted on Monday, June 6

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Another CommunicAsia has wrapped up and this year’s show proved to be another success on our tradeshow ticket. At CommunicAsia2016, Asia’s largest integrated ICT event, the latest technologies in 3D Printing, IoT, M2M, Mobile Apps, OTT and more, were featured. An integral part of CommunicAsia is SatComm2016, the arena for satellite companies to present solutions that address the pressing satellite-based issues.

As in previous years, Norsat participated in the USA pavilion. Showcasing our newest ultra-portable, back packable satellite terminal, the Journey Manpack, our small size, weight and power ATOM BUC line, several of our O3b BUCs product portfolio, as well as some of our RF antenna and conditioning products, the booth was a buzz with activity. Norsat also saw interest in our low cost 5000 Low Noise Block Downconverter PLL series which offer high performance for great value.

Some of the trends we noticed included the proliferation of smaller size dish systems, ranging from 60 to 80cm, and discussions around Low power Ku and C-band BUCs. With new satellites launching in Indonesia soon, we are seeing interest from applications such as the banking industry.

Over the course of the show, it was great to meet and catch up with some of our partners in the region, as well as meet some new prospects and resellers during the four day event. Thank you to everyone who stopped by!

Norsat in Full Force at Premier International Conference for Military Communications

Posted on Friday, November 6

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Norsat participated in the 34th annual Milcom 2015 show last week in Tampa, Florida. Milcom is the premier international conference for military communications. “Leveraging Technology – The Joint Imperative” was the theme for this year’s event and there was no shortage of interesting and educational keynotes, panels and technical sessions that explored and defined the benefits that joint-level collaboration brings to current and future communication challenges and addressed the critical role communications plays in military readiness and operations.

The Tampa location is ideal for this discussion, with close proximity to the MacDill Air Force Base military community, U.S. Special Operations Command (SOCOM), U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) and the 6th Air Mobility Wing. MILCOM offers industry the opportunity to discuss communications technologies and services with decision makers from all branches of the armed forces, the Department of Defense, federal agencies and multinational forces.

Norsat’s satellite sales team was in full force showcasing several of our top satellite communications solutions: GlobeTrekker 2.0, the world’s most intelligent fly-away satellite terminal; Rover, Norsat’s ultra-lightweight fly-away satellite terminal; CFK-100E compact fly-away kit; CFK-4200 Emergency Communications Kit; and the ATOM series of Block Upconverters (BUCs) and Solid State Power Amplifiers (SSPAs). Norsat was excited to talk to customers and saw considerable interest from customers on our new low Ku-band BUCs designed for use with the FSS Appendix 30B satellite links.IMG_6537



During the show, Norsat met up with Ken Murphy at the iDirect social event on Tuesday night. Ken was a long-term Norsat portable terminal customer that has now moved on to work for Comtech as their Director of Government Programs. Ken was working in Belgium when his teams deployed Norsat’s 1.8m and 2.4m SigmaLink terminals and 1m compact Rover terminals for allied forces in the region. It was great to catch up with Ken and we wish him the best of luck in his new role.

Quantico Marine Corps Base Hosts Key Event for Military Contractors

Posted on Tuesday, September 29

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ModernDayMarine_photo3_from MDMFacebookModernDayMarine_photo2_from MDMFacebook






Norsat has just returned from the Modern Day Marine expo at the Marine Corps Base, in Quantico, VA. Norsat showcased the GlobeTrekker 2.0 intelligent fly-away satellite terminal, our Ranger Ku/X Band 60cm self-contained, microsat terminal, CFK-100E SIPR/NIPR Compact Flyaway Kit, CFK-4200 Emergency Communications Kit for mobile, first-in communications and the ATOM series of BUCs and SSPAs.

Modern Day Marine is co-sponsored by Marine Corps Base, Quantico, the Exposition’s home base. MCB Quantico, home to the Combat Development Command and the Marine Corps Systems Command, is responsible for setting requirements, developing equipment and systems and purchasing the equipment and systems that the Marine Corps will rely on in the years to come. Modern Day Marine is a forum for defense contractors to display, inform and promote the latest products in defense equipment and technology. The expo, also allows industry leaders the opportunity to discuss important and emerging issues and concepts that affect the Marine Corps. These vital and unique functions play a large part in positioning Modern Day Marine as the premier military equipment, systems, services and technology exposition.

One of the major themes for this year’s event was the need for innovation!  During a panel presentation for industry, Maj. Gen. Vincent Coglianese, assistant deputy commandant for installations and logistics said, “The Marine Corps needs to embrace innovation, not only in terms of equipment, but in its thinking.” He called upon the defense industry to look beyond traditional methods to help the Marine Corps adapt.

As quoted in Defense News (http://www.defensenews.com) “The Corps’ 10-year road map predicts that Marines will be conducting crisis response missions that could leave small teams of Marines deployed independently for weeks at a time,” said Lt. Gen. Robert Walsh, who recently took the helm of Marine Corps Combat Development Command. “Technology is what allows squads to operate independently over large swaths of land, giving radio communications in Afghanistan as an example. If those small units had not had the ability to call for fires, support and medical evacuations, we would not have put them out there,” he said.

“We think these forces are going to be operating in distributed, often dismounted in complex urban terrain,” said Col. Roger Turner, office of the assistant commandant of the Marine Corps for plans, policy and operations with Headquarters Marine Corps at the Pentagon, during the industry panel. “And anything we can do to lighten the load on individual Marines and sailors out there is critical.”

This bodes well for Norsat, as our portable terminals and man-packable systems are a perfect fit to meet the needs of the Marine Corps, as well as other military services and Special Forces.

For more information about the satellite solutions that Norsat had on display visit our website at http://www.norsat.com/solutions/satellite-solutions/

(photos courtesy of Modern Day Marine)

Norsat Exhibits at the #1 Event for Broadcast, Satellite & Digital Media across Middle East, Africa and South Asia

Posted on Tuesday, March 3

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From March 10 to 12th, more than 12,000 attendees will descend upon the Dubai World Trade Center which will once again playing host to CABSAT 2015.  

CABSAT has evolved to be the number one event and leading platform for the broadcast, production, content delivery, digital media and satellite sectors across the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia.

The MENA region is an important market for Norsat as it is expected to grow exponentially in the content and entertainment industries and is a steady growing market for our company. The CABSAT show provides Norsat with the opportunity to meet customers, resellers and introduce new products into this market. We are looking to strengthen our network within this region and welcome discussions from interested partners.

This year Norsat will be showcasing our ATOM line of Block upconverters and solid state amplifiers which are small, lightweight and extremely powerful. Their small size and robust performance, as well as their ability to be easily integrated into a variety of systems, make them ideal for portable applications such as broadcast, airborne, and comms on the move. The ATOM series is flexible and can be configured and customized to meet varying application requirements. Norsat will also be demonstrating our Ranger high performance ruggedized satellite terminal which is ideal for rapid deployments where portability is essential. The Ranger is available in 45cm and 60cm antenna sizes. Norsat’s assisted acquire fly-away terminals have been field tested and proven to withstand the challenging conditions of military, broadcast and resource sector applications.

Make sure you stop by the Norsat booth (#813) to say hello, see our latest technology on display or speak with one of our communications experts. Please contact us to set up a meeting during the show.

For more information about Norsat’s innovative microwave and satcom solutions, please visit www.norsat.com.

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