USB Recovery: Don't Be Left in the Dark!

/USB Recovery: Don't Be Left in the Dark!

USB Recovery: Don't Be Left in the Dark!

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We all know that despite our best laid plans, sometimes things can go wrong. Read the following scenarios to find you why you should have USB recovery! 

You find yourself on the graveyard shift all alone. It’s the middle of the night so you decide to learn more about your satellite system. After opening up its GUI, you spend some time exploring the various options and tabs. Unexpectedly, the system crashes. You retrace your steps, wondering which button you could have pressed or where you went wrong. You restart the system and attempt to find the correct profile- but you can’t remember what it was. What do you do in this situation?

 You were required to send your terminal ahead of your field force. Although the depot is secure, it is possible that someone could access your system and discover which satellites you are utilizing and at which frequencies. For security reasons, you ship them set to their factory defaults and rely on your field force to program them upon arrival on site. They have been trained and they have instructions, but their arrival has been delayed. The communications are needed now so you will have to remotely train whoever is available. Shouldn’t there be a better way?

 You must add another profile and configuration to all 20 of your systems. How do you ensure that they are configured rapidly, effectively and consistently across the board?

Answer: USB Recovery!

USB Recovery acts as your personal technical support resource which will set up, repair or reconfigure your system. It allows you to reset your system to your own unique default settings. USB recovery ensures that the right profiles are loaded into your terminal and that the system is configured correctly each time, eliminating human error.

Norsat’s USB Recovery feature is standard on GlobeTrekker and Rover terminals. Simple to use, this feature gives you confidence that your terminals can be deployed and configured to your specifications.