Defense organizations are faced with increasing demands to provide real time data to and from the battle field. The reason being – information saves lives.

The informed soldier is an effective soldier. MILSATCOM provides clarity in live theatre which provides clarity to critical decision makers. To meet this demand companies are being called upon to develop more sophisticated communications tools for rapid deployment into the harshest of environments sometimes with special customizable size, weight, power or feature requirements to meet the needs of a specific application.

Temporary Encampment

Secure VIP Communications: The need for secure communications during VIP travel is particularly well supported by portable satellite systems. These systems can be moved around easily. Setup and teardown is simple and communication can be established within minutes of assembly.

MWR (Moral, Welfare, Recereation): Portable satellite systems are often central to enabling military personnel to stay connected by Internet and email service and, where appropriate, through videoconferencing with their friends and families at home. A portable system is able to establish a link as needed and can be redeployed at the end of any mission.

Combat Support Systems

Global Combat Support System (GCSS) Combatant Commanders/ Joint Task Force (CC/JTF) was developed by the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) to respond to the operational concept of Focused Logistics articulated in Joint Vision 2010, and reinforced in Joint Vision 2020. Focused logistics is the fusion of logistics information and transportation technologies for rapid crisis response; deployment and sustainment; the ability to track and shift units, equipment and supplies and the delivery of tailored logistical packages directly to the warfight.

Public Affairs

Portable satellite systems are also used extensively by government offices to broadcast stories of Interest to their constituencies and to provide media access to forward deployed service members. Norsat’s NewsLinkT 3200 Is widely used by the US Army Public Affairs Offices to arrange live Interviews between soldiers and members of the media based outside of the war theater.


  • UAV
  • Coastal
  • High-Value Targets

Perimeter Security

  • Naval
  • Coastal
  • Border
  • High Value Assets

In-theatre Communications

  • Situational awareness: BFT
  • Net-centric transformation
  • Net-centric warfare


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