Satellite innovations, 5G streaming, 8K cameras, eSports and some of the biggest breakthroughs in broadcast, media, satellite and film – CABSAT had it all! Norsat recently participated in CABSAT 2019, which took place in the Dubai World Trade Centre between March 12-14, 2019. This was an important show for Norsat as we successfully launched the C-band 5G interference solution, which consists of a C-band interference suppression LNB and Band Pass Filter. Moreover, the Norsat team gave attendees an insight into drive-away satellite terminals, enabling completion of the full ‘content journey’ from ideation to production to distribution.

At CABSAT, Norsat was an important part of the satellite zone, the area dedicated exclusively to an entire ecosystem of satellite carriers, manufacturers, service providers and integrators serving government and military, maritime, aviation, broadcasters, commercial business enterprises or aerospace industries. The 5G interference solution launch attracted a lot of attention at the show as mitigating powerful signals from 5G base stations is one of the most pressing concerns for all C-band operators. Booth visitors were impressed with Norsat’s 3200-BPF LNB as it features an internal bandpass filter that automatically mitigates 5G signals. A few of our distributors and integrators loved the fact that Norsat also developed the BPF-C external bandpass filter, which can easily be used along with any Norsat LNB to reject terrestrial interference. Since the MENA region is the first to initiate 5G infrastructure rollout, a few visitors also enquired about Norsat’s custom solutions and spectrum consulting services.

Norsat’s solution for reliable and easy-to-deploy mobile communications – the WAYFARER™ drive-away satellite terminal was one of the most sought-after products at CABSAT. Broadcasters and media houses who regularly participate in SNGs and outdoor press conferences were most interested in this solution. Whether mounted on an emergency vehicular command center or a mobile broadcast van, this Ku-band auto-acquire drive-away system provides broadband-level communications capability in multiple reflector sizes.

CABSAT 2019 featured new pavilions and seminars this year, all focusing on content creation and delivery. This included the satellite hub summit, eSports, photography workshops and equipment, storytelling and live broadcasting, cinema and a digital hub. The satellite hub summit was an interesting and prominent platform for addressing and analyzing evolutionary and revolutionary transitions in satellite technologies, services, applications, and markets. It included tracks on regulation and spectrum, 5G interference, sustainable space initiatives, disaster response through satcom innovation and HTS Evolving: The LEO & MEO Mega-Constellation Terabit Factor.

CABSAT 2019 proved to be a great show to showcase next-gen technologies, build strategic alliances and partnerships and network with global satcom organizations. Norsat looks forward to participating in CABSAT 2020, (now in its 25th year) to lead the way for new end-user markets, satcom applications and technologies.