Norsat’s President & CEO Dr. Amiee Chan along with 12 women leaders, participated in the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) ‘Canadian Leaders at Sea’ program aboard HMCS Ottawa.

Since 1977, Norsat has been a leading provider of innovative satellite communication solutions. Our maritime solutions are used extensively in Canada, USA, Brazil, Malaysia, Turkey etc. Additionally, our customizable VSAT terminals provide signal transmission and reception for military, commercial and recreational maritime applications around the world. Being closely associated with the Royal Canadian Navy, being a part of the CLaS program was a great learning experience for Norsat to stay up-to-date with the demands and trends in the maritime world.

The Royal Canadian Navy invites a select group of Canadians who are leaders in their professional sector or in their community to be a part of their ‘Canadian Leaders at Sea’ (CLaS) program. Norsat’s President & CEO Dr. Amiee Chan was amongst the selected women leaders from business, industry or sport, for the three-day CLas program who experienced an action-packed and physically demanding demonstration of RCN operations. On a cool September morning, Her Majesty’s Canadian Ship Ottawa welcomed twelve influential Canadian women aboard and gave them a taste of life at sea.

The program had been tailored to give leaders a better appreciation of the level of professional excellence that is required to conduct naval operations on behalf of Canada. Throughout the duration of the program, the women leaders were thought about various processes and showcased the highlights of the ship which included – the main armament, .50 caliber heavy machine gun firings, damage control, battle procedure demonstrations and replenishment at sea. They also got an insight into navigation, seamanship, weapons and mechanical briefings, tours of the ship, and hands-on participation in many exercises and drills. One can learn an immense amount of leadership, through this program. The very foundations of the Royal Canadian Navy are mentorship, leadership and ownership, and learning from the officers enables practical applications to any industry or work environment.

Through the Canadian Navy, the Canadian government is able to support its allies and implement its global policy goals, including protecting general Canadian interests, philanthropic efforts, maintaining peace and safeguarding commercial environments.  When asked about her experience, Dr. Chan said “The best learning experience aboard the ship is the teamwork! It’s pretty amazing how the leaders and officers get every member onboard going in the same direction. The level of sacrifice and bravery demonstrated was immense, I learned something new every day and aspire to bring this back to my team and community and share the message of how vital the navy is to Canada.”

Besides understanding the value of teamwork and innovation, the experience on board helped Norsat understand the applications and unique communication requirements of the navy. Seamless satellite communication on board that deliver real-time data from crisis situations as well as information from sea to port is essential. This is the foundation behind Norsat’s MarineLink™ satellite terminals. They help deliver the same level of broadband connectivity in the middle of the ocean as it does on land, meeting naval fleet needs to be in constant communication with key stakeholders.

Norsat’s COM series of Maritime Satellite Solutions provide a reliable VSAT solution in Ka, Ku, C-bandwidths and these high-performance antennas are ideal for military and commercial applications.  Norsat MarineLink™ COM series of maritime VSAT terminals provide reliable satellite communications at sea with a 2048kb/s downlink and 512kb/s uplink. The 3-axis operating platform and 360-degree high-speed tracking design ensures a reliable link in even the most rugged conditions. With its simple setup and pre-programmed satellite almanac, users with minimal training can have a MarineLink system up and transmitting in just a matter of minutes.

It was truly an honor and a privilege for Norsat to be a part of the Leaders at Sea program.