Norsat participated in Comms Connect Melbourne between November 26 -28, 2019. Whether visitors are users or consultants, channel partners or dealers, Comms Connect generateed countless opportunities to learn, network, explore and to keep up to date with all that is taking place in the critical communications field. Comms Connect Melbourne 2019 provided an unrivalled opportunity for all those involved in the sector to come together to network, learn and discuss everything to do with mission critical and public safety solutions.

At Comms Connect Melbourne, Norsat showcased the WAYFARER Series of commercial satellite terminals and 5G interference solutions. Booth visitors were impressed with the form factor of the auto acquire WAYFARER fly-away, and expressed interest in a few opportunities. Since quick deployment of satcom equipment is a growing concern in the industry, one of the most appreciated features of the WAYFARER showcased was the quick dispatch airline-transportable solution. The team received a positive response to the overall durable look and feel of the product.

In the event, there were over multiple presentations sections comprising topics of public safety and emergency management, satellite technology for mission-critical communications, etc. Norsat innovative presentation on ‘Is DMR over satellite the next solution?’ was very well received, and discussed the possibilities of DMR over satellite. In essence, DMR over satellite can combine the efficiency and convenience of a push-to-talk (PTT) radio network with the global accessibility of a satellite network. The speaking section was a grand success with a packed room of over 60 interested members.

Comms Connect Melbourne 2019 featured new pavilions and seminars this year, mostly focusing on content creation and delivery. This included the satellite hub summit, eSports, photography workshops and equipment, storytelling and live broadcasting, cinema and a digital hub. The program section was an interesting and prominent platform for addressing and analyzing evolutionary and evolutionary transitions in satellite technologies, services, applications, and markets. It included tracks on regulation and spectrum, 5G interference, sustainable space initiatives, disaster response through satcom innovation.

Comms Connect Melbourne 2019 proved to be a great show to showcase next-gen technologies and network with global satcom organizations. It was indeed a good show to see who are the industry players as it pertains to communication companies. It was a good opportunity to display our next-gen solutions to valued stakeholders and customers as Norsat was the leading Satcom manufacturer at the event. Norsat looks forward to participating in Comms Connect 2020 to lead the way for new end-user markets, 5G Interference, microwave components and satcom applications.