Shaping the future of content, the NAB show in Las Vegas is the ultimate platform for the newest technology for media, entertainment, and technology professionals. Norsat attended NAB 2018 as satellite communications play an essential role in broadcasting and distributing media worldwide.

On the morning of the first day of the show, Norsat announced the launch of its new WAYFARER series consisting of two ultra-portable commercial fly-away satellite terminals, an easy-to-deploy commercial drive-away antenna system, and a commercial fixed terminal solution. Customers and vendors were very excited about the new commercial terminals. They liked the look of the terminals and raved about its versatility. Norsat’s distributors were also impressed with the new commercial offering as it provided a diverse set of products to a wide range of customers. For more information about the new WAYFARER series, visit

Along with the new commercial products, Norsat featured its redundant switch system. This system automatically detects signal faults and switches to an alternative LNB or BUC, providing maximum satellite service availability. Norsat’s redundant switch systems are available for either 1:1 or 1:2 redundancy applications and in either IDU or headless configurations. Customers were delighted to see that this redundant switch system could offer optimal availability while limiting downtime. This product was demonstrated live at NAB, showing guests exactly how the switch system worked and how it would provide value to a satellite system. The response from the demo was positive and guests reacted well to the efficiency of the product. For more information about Norsat’s redundant switch systems, visit

Norsat’s sales representatives, Laura and Sam, were on-hand at the booth, working the show floor. Many partners and distributors came by the booth to say hi to the pair including M&J Communications and TVC Communications. Thank you to Richard from M&J Communications and Chris from TVC Communications for coming by the booth and snapping a picture with the lovely Laura. Also at the show was Viking Satcom, a distributor of Norsat’s satellite components including BUCs, LNBs, and LNAs. It was great to see all of Norsat’s partners at one show and to meet face-to-face, rather than over the phone. Norsat appreciates its partners and values their continued support to the Norsat brand.

In conclusion, NAB 2018 was a great show! It was an excellent platform to launch Norsat’s new WAYFARER series of commercial antennas, as well as a way to connect with partners from all over the world. Las Vegas is an eventful host city to showcase the ever-evolving technology in media and entertainment. Thank you to the NAB organizers for letting Norsat be a part of the show year-after-year. See you in 2019!

Want to learn more about the NAB show? Check out the video below for an overview: